Monday, December 31, 2012

This Day.

Let us sit under the midnight sky
Talk. Sip tea. Feel the touch
As our nails brush against each other,
And the fog plays with the wind.
Sit. And laugh.
Just like that day
When the road was pink, the drapes were yellow!
Sit but don't kiss me a happy new year;
For the longer we wait, the older we grow together...
The wiser we get in the game of free fall!
Sit and sing me Happy,
The way it has always been,
The way it always will be.
Frozen in the moment,
Under the midnight sky!


I'm happy in a love like this! 


Happy New Year! What a year it has been. Slow. Rather slow. So many bad habits taken up. So less good habits maintained. And yet I end this year with one constant emotion. 
Lots of love. 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Funny Things

Internals over. Entrances for 2012 over. Stress reduced by one inch. And I realized that Winter 2012 is proving to be an interesting amalgamation of strange and superb events/emotions/situations.

Dug into the long-lost PC backup. Found some old music. Felt fresh. Now I have been experiencing some really weird dreams lately. I do not even know if they can be categorized as nightmares. They're just too random and sometimes weirdly scary! One time I saw a truck falling from the sky on this whole line of houses in front of mine. Not an aircraft or anything which flies...but a white truck! Yes. Then another time I saw myself running like that player does in the game of Temple Run. Only difference was that there were no coins to be collected, or no zombies following me. I was just running endlessly. It wasn't even graphics. It all felt so real. And today!!! I saw myself going back to a place which has been a recurrent place in my dreamland. As a kid, that is where I lost my imaginary friend and could never figure out why. The same place now had me and a yellow sky, with more buildings, this time higher than they usually were...a man whom I have never met, a man whom I loved very dearly, the man I love now and a woman whom I never quite liked much! Now the stranger was a creep and apparently some hot-shot Jazz singer. The man I loved in the past was happy with me. I was happy too. I smiled throughout. Then the woman came and I left. Then the man I now love kept waiting. I haven't had such a confused, hazy dream in some time.

I do not believe in the implied meanings of dreams. I am a firm follower of Freud and I too believe that dreams are manifestations of our subconscious thoughts. Now I want to ask my subconscious the whereabouts of the stranger and the man I loved then! I understand the woman part since I have constant interaction with her. Presence of my current love is too obvious.
Things are too confusing. It kinda makes no sense.
Its disturbing!

I have a series of serious nightmares which have been recurring since I was a kid. That's understandable. They're part of my unconscious and subconscious fears/wishes/unfulfilled wishes etc.
And then He says I think too much. I do. Mr. Freud, help! Reading up too much on you has only screwed with the already over burdened thought provoking grey matter.
He also says that I should laugh more often. I just smile. I need to laugh more. I like how people you meet at different stages of your life perceive you and your situations. I like how we like to think that "their" opinion does not matter, but it obviously does. And then He says that he does not count me in the usual girls He has had. How I wish I could tell him that He is quite a Man! How I wish I could escape the strange incomprehensible dreamland and be more unaffected by the structures my memory builds.


NP: You And I | Jason Mraz

Friday, November 30, 2012

Read Books and Be Happy. And Don't Forget to Eat.

The only leisure reading being done these days is during nature's call early in the morning. Yes. That.

I love my course. I really do! But sometimes it gets a bit dragging. I thought I should come up with an idea to get over it but as usual I ended up sleeping more! November ends today. Enough of "November Rain" status updates. It drizzled for just 3 minutes. People, I swear!

And you know what makes me really furious? When people, especially men/guys/boys/whatever, do not reply to my text messages or calls. I DO NOT HAVE THE ENTIRE DAY TO WAIT FOR YOUR REPLY. Its a different case with girls. I know they would reply. But guys just don't. Just so you know, I know that you read that text. How difficult is it to type a "Okay, I will talk to you in a while" reply? I am a considerate person. I would understand.

In other relatively important news, my friend from IIT (and his friends whom I don't know) have come up with this really interesting platform for bloggers to read, rate, share and publicize blogs. Here is the link. Check it out. Sign up. He's a good guy and I am sure his friends are too. More than that, it is a nice initiative. Support them. And no. I am not being paid for this! So please check it out. Even the logo is quite cool.

Also, the sweatshirt my department people came up with says "Mad woman in the attic". If you haven't read Jane Eyre, you won't get the link. I still don't know why I wrote the last line.
Anyhow, bottomline: Read books. Lots of books. About music, about love, about sex (but not Fifty Shades of Grey I beg of you!), about college life, about God, about Satan, about women, about lust! Escape reality and then feel good about it.

What is the difference between my life and my love? One gets me low, the other lets me go.”
Vikram Seth. Sigh! Enough said. 


Yeah. That is how I express my love for a book. I try to eat it. There's been too many/much chocolate(s) in my room. 
Until next time. 

Lots of love. And please return some luck to me. Exams start on 5th. [Fuck.]

Friday, November 23, 2012

Make a Face.

6 odd months and I be a Graduate. (Yikes!)

Click random pictures because life is too short to forget crazy-stressful-absurd moments. Keep them locked.

Love Calvin and endlessly try to make faces like he does. If you succeed, You are the most expressive person I know. True story.

Get a tattoo. Because I read this somewhere: There are two kinds of people in the world- those who have tattoos and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.

And again, Love Calvin.

I needed a distraction from the studies. And my blog was virtually dead.

Now I am going to return to making faces like the cool kid.

Much love

Sunday, October 28, 2012


What do you see here?
A black board with white screeches,
A ninja with swords and hammers.
Silently penetrating into the mourning path
To her house; the only one who knew
What it meant to be the shifting surprise.
Someone caught the eye.
Love, what shall we do?

And thus he spoke again,
“Let’s laugh.”


Love is a three-dimensional word. Coke Studio Pakistan is dawn music. And Delhi looks beautiful in pre-winter midnights. Simply beautiful. 


Saturday, October 13, 2012


The secrecy of our lives amazes me. We talk about speaking our mind, not repressing emotions/thoughts/beliefs etc. when we are constantly afraid of being exposed. That fear of being vulnerable, the consequences of not being trusted, the anxiety of suffering pain and all this accumulated together makes for each one of us. I live in denial sometimes; that I am not afraid of being vulnerable; that I speak my mind. No. I do not. No one does. Those who did are either in jail or dead.

Life is beautiful in its imperfections. I love the deaf and mute daughter of my maid because she is beautiful. She is as black as coal but has the most beautiful smile ever. She talks to me when no one does. She asks me to talk to her. She makes me feel that I am beautiful, just like her, because I make her smile and sometimes laugh too.

I want to do one thing with my life. I want to feel comfortable in my secrecy. I want that reassurance that no one would invade it and that I am a good human being in all the evil things I think of doing. Again, think of doing. And I want to spend one sunset in the mustard fields of Rajasthan, probably smoking and rewinding all the amazing things I have done...all the amazing things I have done in secrecy; in the wake of making them permanent and trying to escape the fears of being exposed. All the things I thought were the most beautiful things in my life...and thereby putting them on a pedestal; sometimes they deserved it, sometimes they didn't.

And I want to build/buy a house with lots of windows because I like windows.


Till next time, lets do one significant thing every day which is not a habit... Lets live. And this one piece of enlightenment was given to me by my favorite professor in class two days back. 
Lets use naked language because thats the language of love. 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh Floyd!

I really want to know how it must have felt listening to the guitar intro of Wish You Were Here back in the 60's on an old radio. That trip would be of another level altogether. That old radio. That original, rustic sound. My mind boggles at the very thought of it. Whiling away time in your room with a good book in your hand on an October evening and listening to that guitar intro fading into Gilmour's voice!! Sigh!


This part of the year is so refreshing. You can smell the sweetness of winter approaching. Its just the right kind of weather. Its sunny and bright every morning. Its pleasant and chilly in the evening. Reminds me of the evenings Ruskin Bond always wrote about. I feel happy.


I think Marx, Freud, and Steve Jobs are the most genius men to have lived on this earth. I happened to watch Coldplay's performance of Fix You on Steve Jobs's after-funeral memorial at Apple Inc, CA. I was nearly in tears.
I am so  proud of my brother for being part of such an amazing enterprise...they actually change your life. They really do. Sometimes, by gadgets. Sometimes, by their ideas...that basic want of bringing people together.


Dentists are the worst of people. They say something and they do something else. They give you a lot of excruciating pain while calmly telling you that it will not pain "much". My dentist stabbed the roots of my tooth with metal sticks without informing me that there was an option of numbing the roots. Have you ever gotten stubbed by a cigarette? Its a pain worse than breaking a bone. My pain was worse than the cigarette burn.


Papon replied to one of my tweets. That absolutely made my day. Weekender next Saturday-Sunday. SO EXCITED. So many of my favorite people coming to perform Live!! Its amazing how music rules our life. Its just amazing. The Dewarists in a week. Indian Ocean in a week. Shafqat Amanat Ali in a week. So much love.


This one week is going to be etched in my memory for a long-long time. So much love in the air.
And that's about it. I still have two term papers to finish.


My favorite lines from Floyd's number:

We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
And how we found
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.


Lots of love.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do not miss the 3rd bullet. =D

Some important bullet points:
  • Men in Mundus are so sexy.
  • Lots of plans cropping up for the "life" :D
  • In love. 
  • All geared up for some real nice entrances, starting from November.
  • Winter is coming. Diwali is coming. Bhai is coming. ^.^ 
  • Been doing good at college (for a change) :P
  • Happy
  • Papon is absolutely magical. 
  • Nh7 Weekender \m/ 

Now Playing: Sparks | Coldplay


Hee. So happy. 21 is a really good age to be in. Boo. =D
Chris Martin. Sigh. Men in mundus. Bigger sigh. 

Lots and lots of love. Heaps of love.



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Birthday Post

Yes. I turn 21 tomorrow. So I thought this would be the best way to update my blog. My plan for the midnight is to listen to a lot of rock and watch Jason Statham movies.
You know it will be very disturbing, but don't you just want to bite into Statham? That raw meat. Uff.

Anyway! So yes. This is an attention seeking post to get birthday wishes :D
September has successfully bummed me out to the extent of me having done absolutely no birthday shopping. Though my brother bought me a beautiful watch, I did not shop on my own.

So, 21. Last year. I want to start earning. Birthday has begun to not matter at all.

Also, my birthday song for the next ten years shall be George Thorogood's Bad To The Bone.

Until next time, keep listening to good music.
Much love.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Track #8 (Just Floyd)

Thursday. The 19th of July.

Say no more. Just listen.


And I am not afraid of dying, any time will do.
We say goodbye. Let's rest the case here. Night.
No more love. Ciao.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Track #7 - Fake Plastic Trees

Wednesday. The 18th of July.

Didn't update for two days I guess. Busy busy busy! I am yet to write a 5000 word debate. [ eyes rolling ]. Anyhow, I am going back to campus on 20th. So that leaves me with just two more updates. So I thought I'd post one of my favorite alt rock bands. Radiohead. Now when you're listening to Thom Yorke sing the most unusual lyrics in that fashion, you don't think just how beautiful this band is or just how tight it is! You think of other issues! You think of yourself. You introspect. You try to understand those words and how each and every beat doesn't calm you but makes you question so many things within you! It makes you face your vulnerability in a sense that you accept it and you carry on with it.

This one track is immensely close to my heart. It sounds great on speakers but listen to it on headphones. You will zone out, like I do, every freaking time! [ Where did the monsoon disappear? ]

Genre: Alternative Rock
Title: Fake Plastic Trees
Artist: Radiohead


She lives with a broken man,
A cracked polystyrene man
Who just crumbles and burns...
He used to do surgery for the girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins.
You see the words? I don't even have an adjective for this track. Also, I am looking for good tattoo parlors/artists in Delhi, other than Devilz'. Do let me know if you have any info. 
Lots of love. And lots of beer as Monsoon cheated on Delhi!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Track #6 - Ebb

Saturday. The 14th of July.

Busy day. Weird bank day too. What's up with the state banks these days? :|
Today's track is from India!!! ^.^
Lounge Piranha (cool name, right?) is a real talent pack. Check out their My Space page and you'll know. This was the first track my cousin made me listen to and I fell in love with it. After enough number of serious instrumental tracks, this one is a "feel-good" song.

Genre: Alternative/post-rock
Title: Ebb
Artist: Lounge Piranha


My favorite line: I asked for rain and she gave me winter. 
Just a week for college. eeeeeeeeeee.
Lots of love.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Track # 5 - And Leave

Friday. The 13th of July.

Firstly, happy birthday to my very own Buttercup. My friend, Shivani turns 20.

Honestly, I don't understand this Friday the 13th business. I mean, come on! I was born on friday the 13th! Am I weird? [ok, don't answer that].
Anyhow... I talked about this artist who's very close to my heart. She is Sóley.A beautiful singer. She reminds me of Regina Spektor but I like her more. Her music is peace. Period. Headphones suggested, again. I miss my brother. I got a very pretty gift from my cousin yesterday. Very pretty. Sinusitis returns with a bang. :|
Allergy season is here!!

Genre: Indie
Title: And Leave
Artist: Sóley


Dream my way and I will dance for you...
Dream my way and I will sing for you!! 
You know I have the most amazing people around me. And that includes each one of you who appreciate and encourage me here. I love you all.
Lots of love. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Track #4 - I'm Jim Morrison...

Thursday. The 12th of July.

Just came to my room. Was on the terrace with my doggie. He likes to spend time with me while the sun sets, everyday! The basic idea of making this playlist was to get a respite from the usual music I listen to; because you like it or not, you do get tired of the words, the beats, etc. I mean... just how much can you listen to the old playlists?! Right. Those who liked Sufjan Stevens yesterday will love this. (Or so I hope). Now this band is one of my personal favorite post-rock bands after, of course, Slint. Instrumental music so bear with it, please :)

I suggest you use headphones/ earphones for this track. Mogwai; the band is talented, amazingly gifted and they come up with crazy names for their tracks, like this one. 

Genre: Post-rock, instrumental
Title: I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead
Artist: Mogwai


I feel lost. Absolutely lost. 
All of us have so many layers within us. This track always reminds of the layered truth behind Jim Morisson's death. Who knows if he died in that pub or his own pool of comfort!! Sigh.
Lots of love.   

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Track #3 - Romulus

Wednesday. The 11th of July.

You know I have a very strange mood today. Sometimes you go through days when all you want to do is lie in your bed and listen to some music like this. Now, I know I had promised Floyd and Radiohead and Elliott Smith, but Sufjan Stevens cannot be ignored. Now this is different music. Its simple. But not Coldplay simple. There is something about Stevens which is absolutely soft. You know its like poetry.

I have been listening to Stevens all day today. Have not done anything productive. Have traveled across spaces in thought. And here I am now. Its an acoustic track so not many people usually like it. Here it goes anyway.

Genre: Indie
Title: Romulus
Artist: Sufjan Stevens


Once when our mother called, She had a voice of last year's cough. We passed around the phone, Sharing a word about Oregon. When my turn came, I was ashamed. 
I have a weak knee for simplicity. A day well spent in dreaming and living music. 
Floyd, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, and another very very close to my heart artist coming up. 
Lots of love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Track #2 - Sound Trippin'

Tuesday. The 10th of July. Just look at the weather! I mean just look at it!! AMAZING.

MTV India hardly comes up with something good. But when it does, its pretty awesome. I personally liked Pakistan Coke Studio more. MTV Unplugged was okay too. What really caught my eye and ears was MTV Sound Trippin'. Sneha Khanwalkar is one hell of a talent pack!!

My favorite track remains Episode 1. Punjab. And if you missed that show, you missed something really powerful.

Genre: Punjabi
Title: Tung-Tung
Artist: Sneha Khanwalkar


The most interesting part is that the lyrics have been written by Khanwalkar. Listen to the song and watch how it was made here 
 You don't really need to understand Punjabi to enjoy the music. If you do, its even better :D
Lots of love.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Track #1 - A Little Piece

Okay. So here is the thing. I will post one song everyday along with some piece of random crap I keep rambling. Starting from today, we share music. This will go on till the 18th or 19th of July, depending on when I go back to college.

The new playlist starts.

Monday. The 9th of June. And I am happy.

Now the following song was told to me by a friend. And I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it. The Jezabels are a group of amazing musicians from Sydney, Australia. This track is #1 on my Monsoon playlist. Also, the tracks on the playlist are in a random order.

Genre: Alternative / Indie.
Title: A Little Piece
Artist: The Jezabels

Look at me, through the sea, I'm in love, hold me tight, There you got it. And did you find, that you like, 
A little piece, of cherry pie, Hot from the oven.
You know what I love about music?? It allows you to teleport and at the same time traverse through dimensions. 
Lots of Love.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Happy Kid Writes.

Short update.

Monsoon is finally here in Delhi.
Time to change playlists.
We go to Elliott Smith from Dream Theater; to Floyd from Staind; to Radiohead from Maroon 5.

So I am thinking of starting a chain-update on this blog for the first time. Keeping in mind the insane need for me to keep listening to music all day long, I am thinking of posting one song of the day! And I need feedback. So the few readership that I have, let me know :)

I love sharing my music with everyone.
For starters, here is the song of the day for me


Miss Misery | Elliott Smith
*I know you'd rather see me gone Than to see me the way that I am But I am in the life anyway*
This man was a sheer genuis. Just listen to this song and you'll know exactly what I am talking about. 
More, soon. After I get some feedback about the music thing. 
Lots of love.

Friday, June 29, 2012


The truth is, I miss you.
Never enough of the west winds
You and I, we were different on the edge
You were the dead sea; I am the sea stone!
When it couldn't be found, what was once left
Sinking in the sand with our feet,
You changed.
I became the back you turned.
Closing into walls soon enough you...
You were more like a miracle!
That endless speck of fairy lights
On a dusty Christmas eve!
You do not belong to me.
I am the stone.
Turn the back again;
Promise to never return the waves,
They corrode me.


Written on the plane back to Delhi from Goa. I was listening to Coldplay's Warning Sign. And though this piece has got nothing to do with my life or any event pertaining to my life, I felt the urge to write something beginning from that line. 
Also, Coldplay is amazing. 

Current Mood: A Rush Of Blood To The Head. (And if you do not know what this is, DIE)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Found and Lost.

Find your way to the closet
Look for that one day,
The time when you put the dream
And the night behind the front door.
Take the day out;
Wrap it in a paper bag,
Fill in some breaths.
Forget the cellophane,
Just throw it away in the creek
Just like the night when the joker
Left the stage with a cry!
Hand over the day to someone far
Far away from the house.
Then come back here,
Find your way to the closet,
And look for what you forgot...
The dream and the night
Still wait behind the front door. 


Now Playing: True Love Wait | Radiohead
You know there is something about Radiohead music. My favorite line from this song:: I'm not living, I'm just killing time!! 
I have come back with a lot of inspiration. Sea does that to me I figured. Wait up for something more, and new :)

Lots of Love. Because I can't do without it!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


It's June already. Come September and I will be 21. [Fuck]
I like this part of the year. Its hot and sweaty and you spend all you time planning for the next year of college. Which reminds me that I will be a final year student now. [Again, Fuck!]

The same old tiff in the mind continues. Being single really makes you spend a lot of time with yourself. *-*
I want to go out of Delhi but I know for a fact that it will be a disastrous idea. I love this place too much. At the same time I have had enough of it too. [Wait what?]

Internship from home. Yeah! FML!

Trying to read Sicilian these days. [Interesting no? :D]
Though its thoroughly confusing. Spanish and Sicilian have so many common words I am absolutely confused.

Me is going for a darling's wedding tomorrow ^-^
For four days. Hope to click loads of pictures. I have never attended a South Indian wedding. It shall be fun :D

Suddenly, the whole world wants to meet me. *-*
Every one whom I knew/know is suddenly super eager to meet me/plan a meet up! I like it but suddenly?! [What's up]

Madagascar 3!!!!!!!!!!!! [Say no more]

I have never listened to more music than I have listened to in these two months. My ears constantl ring with some tune. [What the fuck?]

I revised life lessons learned from The Godfather. [Thumbs up!]
My favorite lesson - Never judge your enemies. It affects your judgment

I realized I needed to update my blog.

Just like that. Random rants. Oh I love Al Pacino, just saying! [ mi amore Pacino e Siciliano ] [Think i am getting a hang of it finally :D]

More random rants later. [Blah!]

P.S: Did you notice the new header? ^-^

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Speak To Me, Delhi!

Love, speak to me in the language
We both know-the language of the streets.
Build me the clouds of never ending rain
And gift to me a piece of that frame
Where the wind flies over minarets,
The laughter hovers around in the mists!
Take me to that very road where we outgrew time,
We walked bare foot and measured the life!
The riot is inside of me each time I sketch
The redness of the August sky along with
My love for the little puddles here and there-
Some formed by the rain, others by spit!
The walls around my world, this very world,
Where the evening prayers bring destiny together
And where the sound of music is mytic,
Those walls which engulf me every morning I wake up...
Give my November breeze to these walls and
Never take it back from where it all started...
The first time I took to the streets with you
Where my heart was always fixed, my eyes never teary
Because, love, even when you weren't there
This world was right there. My city was right there!


You know you're from Delhi when... you just know it! The only constant in the twenty years of my life. My city. 

What will I be without you, meri Dilli!!

picture courtesy: deviantArt

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lets Be Happy :)

If you want that feeling of being satisfied with what you have and absolute peace with yourself, try the following::

  1. Forgive that one person who really did you a lot of wrongs. Just forgive him for you are a better person. People do us wrong just to make us realize just how amazing we are because of the simple reason that we are NOT like them. Forgiveness is the thing for you. Suddenly you will feel that you have no baggage and you shall be able to enjoy Nutella and not feel guilty of finishing the whole jar in sorrow.
  2. Be honest to people whom you care for. It doesn't matter if you hurt them in the process. At least they would not be hurt in the long run. Just be brute honest because you don't want them to spend the rest of their life thinking something that did not even exist. Its simple. Do not rehearse. Just blurt it out.
  3. Make your parents happy. Do what they like. Make them food. Wash dad's car. Help mom out with her outfit dilemmas. Just anything. And when you do make them happy, just experience that amazing feeling of being self satisfied. The world will suddenly become a better place. 
  4. If you're single, indulge in yourself. Think of yourself. Just spend a lot of time with yourself. By that I do not mean that you cut off from the world. Just take it easy on yourself. Go out with friends. Have whacked out conversations about that weird light you saw at the coffee shop and how it perversely resembles a girl's skirt. (just so you know, i had that conversation with my friends just day before yesterday)
  5. If you're not single, well... skip point 4.
  6. Eat great food. (I eat spoonfuls of Nutella every freaking day...multiple times a day)
  7. At the end, just let it all go... all that is keeping you from living each day to the fullest. Get out of that freaking room and try something new! ( I learnt the Melbourne Shuffle Dance through the song Party Rock Anthem) .... the trick is simple... There is no trick.

Its a happy world out there and its waiting for each one of us!! We just need to make a little bit of effort!


Now Playing: The Way I Am | Staind
courtesy: deviantArt
I aspire to be like her when I am that old.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just. Strangers.

Splash the water.
Its darker on the other side.
Lets remain strangers.
Its better that way.
Stay lost in the woods.
Lets soak the sun as rainbows.
Bring the loops together.
Fill the spaces with voices.
Its yellower on the this side.
Sit on the mud here.
Daydream with the stars.
Sing with me.
Lets remain strangers.
There are no lies that way.
Laugh with the birds.
Lets blush together with tulips.
Lets remain strangers.
Lets escape Paradise together.


Now Playing: Daydreamer | Adele

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watch Me Explode.

On the road when sugar rush was on the extremities, and liquor was out of stock, there emerged I, with cigar in one hand and silence in the other.

I never speak. Words are like freckles on the skin; they are meaningless and the leave deep impressions.

I do not listen to what the little voices in my head tell me to. That is just too superficial. I do not blame anyone.

I believe in the higher order of intellect; the one without boundaries...the one without any obligation of this world.

I endorse exclusivity. No one affects me as much as my own self. Nothing can beat me.

The other side of me is too bright for you to tolerate. I am not haughty. I am just brute honest.

Deal with it, love. 'Cause I am T.N.T. baby. I am Dynamite.

 Now Playing: T.N.T. | AC/DC

Nothing much. Just sudden self realizations. In love with life. Peace.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Riddance

The last time we walked
Into the darkest of the deserts
And amidst the pools of colourblindness,
We watched the planes fly by.
The first time we sat together
In the deepest of blues
And along with the watch tower,
We built a small boat of goodbyes.
Shall I speak to you in your language
Or shall I whisper in your voice?
Lets rest the case here and not speak at all.
For that every moment we looked in our eyes
You saw dependence, I saw good riddance.


Now Playing: Yellow | Coldplay

So I finally wrote. People to thank- three. People change. Times change. What never changes is the fact that you have every day to begin with a new start, to smile to the Sun for giving you life, to just let it be. Forgiveness is a virtue. I am glad to have it at this point in my life. I am also happy to be getting out of the depressing writer's block. I see myself getting back, as far as the writing bit is concerned.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


The love for that golden pen is far more problematic than the hate for the darkness inside myself.

Let's rest this case here. Let's not write anymore. Let's keep it simple and uncomplicated. Because there is a lot more to take care of right now.


Now Playing: Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun | Floyd