Monday, June 11, 2012


It's June already. Come September and I will be 21. [Fuck]
I like this part of the year. Its hot and sweaty and you spend all you time planning for the next year of college. Which reminds me that I will be a final year student now. [Again, Fuck!]

The same old tiff in the mind continues. Being single really makes you spend a lot of time with yourself. *-*
I want to go out of Delhi but I know for a fact that it will be a disastrous idea. I love this place too much. At the same time I have had enough of it too. [Wait what?]

Internship from home. Yeah! FML!

Trying to read Sicilian these days. [Interesting no? :D]
Though its thoroughly confusing. Spanish and Sicilian have so many common words I am absolutely confused.

Me is going for a darling's wedding tomorrow ^-^
For four days. Hope to click loads of pictures. I have never attended a South Indian wedding. It shall be fun :D

Suddenly, the whole world wants to meet me. *-*
Every one whom I knew/know is suddenly super eager to meet me/plan a meet up! I like it but suddenly?! [What's up]

Madagascar 3!!!!!!!!!!!! [Say no more]

I have never listened to more music than I have listened to in these two months. My ears constantl ring with some tune. [What the fuck?]

I revised life lessons learned from The Godfather. [Thumbs up!]
My favorite lesson - Never judge your enemies. It affects your judgment

I realized I needed to update my blog.

Just like that. Random rants. Oh I love Al Pacino, just saying! [ mi amore Pacino e Siciliano ] [Think i am getting a hang of it finally :D]

More random rants later. [Blah!]

P.S: Did you notice the new header? ^-^


Daniyal Asif said...

The New Header Is Just Amazing. :)

Your Birthday Is In September? :D Mine Too.

I Like The Way You Randomize.

If People Want To Meet You All Of A Sudden, Maybe You've Become Famous. ;)

Mirage said...

Uhh, you guys will be final year students now while I'll struggle three more years with LLB. Tiresome! :|
By the way, what do you plan to do next? header is so warm. Love it. I too was hunting for a new header few days back. So far not so good.

Sicilian! Really? What made you develop a keen interest in it? :D

P.S: Please uncheck word verification. It sucks!

Shruti said...

Thanks :P
Oh yeah. I am a Virgo. When is your birthday?

And I hope I am famous for the right reasons. :D

Shruti said...

Haha!! I understand the plight of Law students :P

I plan to do explore options after graduation. Thinking of an MA and a PhD in some interesting field :)
Yes.. Sicilian.. i'll take professional lessons once college resumes. And wht made me develop the interest?! Well.. Al Pacino :P I love that man!!

And I love the header too. Try deviantart.. its amazing :)

PS: Removed word verification :)

Daniyal Asif said...

My Birthday Is On 11 September. :D [Note: Gifts Are Welcomes, giftless Wishes Are Not.]