Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You Speak To Me, Delhi!

Love, speak to me in the language
We both know-the language of the streets.
Build me the clouds of never ending rain
And gift to me a piece of that frame
Where the wind flies over minarets,
The laughter hovers around in the mists!
Take me to that very road where we outgrew time,
We walked bare foot and measured the life!
The riot is inside of me each time I sketch
The redness of the August sky along with
My love for the little puddles here and there-
Some formed by the rain, others by spit!
The walls around my world, this very world,
Where the evening prayers bring destiny together
And where the sound of music is mytic,
Those walls which engulf me every morning I wake up...
Give my November breeze to these walls and
Never take it back from where it all started...
The first time I took to the streets with you
Where my heart was always fixed, my eyes never teary
Because, love, even when you weren't there
This world was right there. My city was right there!


You know you're from Delhi when... you just know it! The only constant in the twenty years of my life. My city. 

What will I be without you, meri Dilli!!

picture courtesy: deviantArt

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lets Be Happy :)

If you want that feeling of being satisfied with what you have and absolute peace with yourself, try the following::

  1. Forgive that one person who really did you a lot of wrongs. Just forgive him for you are a better person. People do us wrong just to make us realize just how amazing we are because of the simple reason that we are NOT like them. Forgiveness is the thing for you. Suddenly you will feel that you have no baggage and you shall be able to enjoy Nutella and not feel guilty of finishing the whole jar in sorrow.
  2. Be honest to people whom you care for. It doesn't matter if you hurt them in the process. At least they would not be hurt in the long run. Just be brute honest because you don't want them to spend the rest of their life thinking something that did not even exist. Its simple. Do not rehearse. Just blurt it out.
  3. Make your parents happy. Do what they like. Make them food. Wash dad's car. Help mom out with her outfit dilemmas. Just anything. And when you do make them happy, just experience that amazing feeling of being self satisfied. The world will suddenly become a better place. 
  4. If you're single, indulge in yourself. Think of yourself. Just spend a lot of time with yourself. By that I do not mean that you cut off from the world. Just take it easy on yourself. Go out with friends. Have whacked out conversations about that weird light you saw at the coffee shop and how it perversely resembles a girl's skirt. (just so you know, i had that conversation with my friends just day before yesterday)
  5. If you're not single, well... skip point 4.
  6. Eat great food. (I eat spoonfuls of Nutella every freaking day...multiple times a day)
  7. At the end, just let it all go... all that is keeping you from living each day to the fullest. Get out of that freaking room and try something new! ( I learnt the Melbourne Shuffle Dance through the song Party Rock Anthem) .... the trick is simple... There is no trick.

Its a happy world out there and its waiting for each one of us!! We just need to make a little bit of effort!


Now Playing: The Way I Am | Staind
courtesy: deviantArt
I aspire to be like her when I am that old.