Sunday, March 11, 2012

Watch Me Explode.

On the road when sugar rush was on the extremities, and liquor was out of stock, there emerged I, with cigar in one hand and silence in the other.

I never speak. Words are like freckles on the skin; they are meaningless and the leave deep impressions.

I do not listen to what the little voices in my head tell me to. That is just too superficial. I do not blame anyone.

I believe in the higher order of intellect; the one without boundaries...the one without any obligation of this world.

I endorse exclusivity. No one affects me as much as my own self. Nothing can beat me.

The other side of me is too bright for you to tolerate. I am not haughty. I am just brute honest.

Deal with it, love. 'Cause I am T.N.T. baby. I am Dynamite.

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Nothing much. Just sudden self realizations. In love with life. Peace.