Friday, June 29, 2012


The truth is, I miss you.
Never enough of the west winds
You and I, we were different on the edge
You were the dead sea; I am the sea stone!
When it couldn't be found, what was once left
Sinking in the sand with our feet,
You changed.
I became the back you turned.
Closing into walls soon enough you...
You were more like a miracle!
That endless speck of fairy lights
On a dusty Christmas eve!
You do not belong to me.
I am the stone.
Turn the back again;
Promise to never return the waves,
They corrode me.


Written on the plane back to Delhi from Goa. I was listening to Coldplay's Warning Sign. And though this piece has got nothing to do with my life or any event pertaining to my life, I felt the urge to write something beginning from that line. 
Also, Coldplay is amazing. 

Current Mood: A Rush Of Blood To The Head. (And if you do not know what this is, DIE)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Found and Lost.

Find your way to the closet
Look for that one day,
The time when you put the dream
And the night behind the front door.
Take the day out;
Wrap it in a paper bag,
Fill in some breaths.
Forget the cellophane,
Just throw it away in the creek
Just like the night when the joker
Left the stage with a cry!
Hand over the day to someone far
Far away from the house.
Then come back here,
Find your way to the closet,
And look for what you forgot...
The dream and the night
Still wait behind the front door. 


Now Playing: True Love Wait | Radiohead
You know there is something about Radiohead music. My favorite line from this song:: I'm not living, I'm just killing time!! 
I have come back with a lot of inspiration. Sea does that to me I figured. Wait up for something more, and new :)

Lots of Love. Because I can't do without it!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


It's June already. Come September and I will be 21. [Fuck]
I like this part of the year. Its hot and sweaty and you spend all you time planning for the next year of college. Which reminds me that I will be a final year student now. [Again, Fuck!]

The same old tiff in the mind continues. Being single really makes you spend a lot of time with yourself. *-*
I want to go out of Delhi but I know for a fact that it will be a disastrous idea. I love this place too much. At the same time I have had enough of it too. [Wait what?]

Internship from home. Yeah! FML!

Trying to read Sicilian these days. [Interesting no? :D]
Though its thoroughly confusing. Spanish and Sicilian have so many common words I am absolutely confused.

Me is going for a darling's wedding tomorrow ^-^
For four days. Hope to click loads of pictures. I have never attended a South Indian wedding. It shall be fun :D

Suddenly, the whole world wants to meet me. *-*
Every one whom I knew/know is suddenly super eager to meet me/plan a meet up! I like it but suddenly?! [What's up]

Madagascar 3!!!!!!!!!!!! [Say no more]

I have never listened to more music than I have listened to in these two months. My ears constantl ring with some tune. [What the fuck?]

I revised life lessons learned from The Godfather. [Thumbs up!]
My favorite lesson - Never judge your enemies. It affects your judgment

I realized I needed to update my blog.

Just like that. Random rants. Oh I love Al Pacino, just saying! [ mi amore Pacino e Siciliano ] [Think i am getting a hang of it finally :D]

More random rants later. [Blah!]

P.S: Did you notice the new header? ^-^