Friday, June 29, 2012


The truth is, I miss you.
Never enough of the west winds
You and I, we were different on the edge
You were the dead sea; I am the sea stone!
When it couldn't be found, what was once left
Sinking in the sand with our feet,
You changed.
I became the back you turned.
Closing into walls soon enough you...
You were more like a miracle!
That endless speck of fairy lights
On a dusty Christmas eve!
You do not belong to me.
I am the stone.
Turn the back again;
Promise to never return the waves,
They corrode me.


Written on the plane back to Delhi from Goa. I was listening to Coldplay's Warning Sign. And though this piece has got nothing to do with my life or any event pertaining to my life, I felt the urge to write something beginning from that line. 
Also, Coldplay is amazing. 

Current Mood: A Rush Of Blood To The Head. (And if you do not know what this is, DIE)


T said...

Things travelling and music do to us.
Beautiful writing :)

Shruti said...

Thank you :)

Kshipra said...

That is what good music does to you. It revives memories.
Nice :)

Cяystal said...

Fairy lights on Christmas. <3
Reminds me of Coldplay all over again but oh so pretty, this.

Shruti said...

Oh yes! Music is one hell of a catalyst of memories

Thanks :)

Shruti said...

Yes it reminds of Coldplay too. Sheer delight.

Thanks, love :*