Monday, June 18, 2012

Found and Lost.

Find your way to the closet
Look for that one day,
The time when you put the dream
And the night behind the front door.
Take the day out;
Wrap it in a paper bag,
Fill in some breaths.
Forget the cellophane,
Just throw it away in the creek
Just like the night when the joker
Left the stage with a cry!
Hand over the day to someone far
Far away from the house.
Then come back here,
Find your way to the closet,
And look for what you forgot...
The dream and the night
Still wait behind the front door. 


Now Playing: True Love Wait | Radiohead
You know there is something about Radiohead music. My favorite line from this song:: I'm not living, I'm just killing time!! 
I have come back with a lot of inspiration. Sea does that to me I figured. Wait up for something more, and new :)

Lots of Love. Because I can't do without it!!


Mirage said...

There are times when all you have is a pleasing smile to express what you feel.
This is one such time. :-)

Shruti said...

Aw! Thanks Vinati :)
Means a lot.