Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Once Painted A Rainbow.

When it was night, it bled crimson.
When the moon settled down, it bled scarlet.
When the clouds stormed red, it bled white.
I then erased the sky and began all over again.
It suddenly turned black.
Then it bled thick strands of copper clots.
When it looked at me with green eyes, it bled violet.
I turned my back, it spilled dark blue water on it.
When it met with the blank brown eyes,
It scared and dropped it yellow soul, abandoned it.
I saw defeat in its lips.
When it was dawn, it bled amber from the slits.         (pic courtesy: deviantArt)

Monday, March 21, 2011



I shot him. First in the groin, then in his bloody eye! Thought he could get the better of me. Loser!

It all ended that day baby when the thought of fucking me came to your mind. You were born on the streets, you belonged to the streets. Not I. You wanted to make love on the streets, die on the streets. I fuckin' killed you on the streets. Last wish fulfilled. You see, I am a dutiful human.

It ended that day when you called me beautiful because you saw the perfect shape of my ass in the rain. You didn't even remember the colour of my eyes. But you knew how my skin would have tasted.

I gave you a piece of your own, baby. You were right. I am beautiful. I am what M.J. says... Dangerous.!

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Picture Courtesy: deviantArt

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sexy Back!

She stood right in front of me. I thought she'd come and kiss me, or better... just strip and give me a nice job! She came really close. My heart thumped. I was born on the streets, lived on streets and I knew I'd die on streets too. That day I thought I'd die of anticipation. I swear I thought I'd die of adrenaline. Her red lipstick was moist... I guess they call it the gloss. Yeah! The gloss. She came real close, put her hands in my pants. I closed my eyes.


And the very next moment I was down. I smelled m y own blood gushing out of my groin. I saw her strapless shirt moving with the wind. "Gosh, she had a sexy back."

She looked back with fiery eyes and shot him in the eye.

"I got your back, baby."
... to be continued.


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Picture Courtesy: deviantArt

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Ink Spells.

A new blog! Ta-da!!

Needed one badly. Why? Because I love to reinvent spaces. Lithium is and will be very close to my heart. But then, I started it when I was a kid. And now that I growing up, I think I should make another ( read better) space for all the memories I am building in this process.

First up, the title of the blog. It's simple. I am a pretty girl ( winks ) who loves to dance. Now I still don't have a navel piercing but what the hell! And Thugs have always fascinated me. They're so cool! :D

Thus, the name...

Secondly, I will be 20 this year and since I had already bid Lithium goodbye I needed change. I created it in a state of mind where I was this little teenager who wanted to voice her opinions. Having done that, I am going to be just vocal. (:

P.S: Hope all those who used to read Lithium read this one too.
Love and Peace.
Pic Courtesy: deviantArt