Monday, March 21, 2011



I shot him. First in the groin, then in his bloody eye! Thought he could get the better of me. Loser!

It all ended that day baby when the thought of fucking me came to your mind. You were born on the streets, you belonged to the streets. Not I. You wanted to make love on the streets, die on the streets. I fuckin' killed you on the streets. Last wish fulfilled. You see, I am a dutiful human.

It ended that day when you called me beautiful because you saw the perfect shape of my ass in the rain. You didn't even remember the colour of my eyes. But you knew how my skin would have tasted.

I gave you a piece of your own, baby. You were right. I am beautiful. I am what M.J. says... Dangerous.!

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Picture Courtesy: deviantArt