Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Once Painted A Rainbow.

When it was night, it bled crimson.
When the moon settled down, it bled scarlet.
When the clouds stormed red, it bled white.
I then erased the sky and began all over again.
It suddenly turned black.
Then it bled thick strands of copper clots.
When it looked at me with green eyes, it bled violet.
I turned my back, it spilled dark blue water on it.
When it met with the blank brown eyes,
It scared and dropped it yellow soul, abandoned it.
I saw defeat in its lips.
When it was dawn, it bled amber from the slits.         (pic courtesy: deviantArt)


Towards reclamation said...

you have grown in your verses from the last time i read your works about two years back .. came back and am glad to find you writing dear .. bless you ..

i am still struggling to fully interpret this one honestly speaking ... needs a lot more concentration from me i guess...


Shruti said...

Thank you so much for coming back and reading my "improvised" poetry skills. I got to learn a lot from you too. (:

I am overwhelmed. Thanks a tonne. Do visit again. (:

Sushant said...

Intense..guess a lot of thoughts playing around, wonderful and I am glad to see you have started it all over again :)..!!

Shruti said...

Its always a delight to hear from you, Sushant. (:
Im glad you liked it.

Purvi said...

When I first read this almost 2 months back when this was posted, via a friend, this kind of didn't strike me. What I realised today was, one needs to be in the exact or almost the mood as the writer at times, for something as metaphysical as this to connect. Today, it did. immediate. Not strange. Just, sad. Or this is how maybe I am feeling. yes, the sky plays its myriad colors on us, when the sky in our hearts has clouds..

Shruti said...

I am glad that you could connect with it. I agree with you, sometimes one needs to be in a similar mood to that of the writer's to relate to the piece.

I hope the clouds in the sky of your heart vanish soon
Thanks for reading :-)