Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sexy Back!

She stood right in front of me. I thought she'd come and kiss me, or better... just strip and give me a nice job! She came really close. My heart thumped. I was born on the streets, lived on streets and I knew I'd die on streets too. That day I thought I'd die of anticipation. I swear I thought I'd die of adrenaline. Her red lipstick was moist... I guess they call it the gloss. Yeah! The gloss. She came real close, put her hands in my pants. I closed my eyes.


And the very next moment I was down. I smelled m y own blood gushing out of my groin. I saw her strapless shirt moving with the wind. "Gosh, she had a sexy back."

She looked back with fiery eyes and shot him in the eye.

"I got your back, baby."
... to be continued.


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Picture Courtesy: deviantArt


Amit Gupta said...

so short and still to be continued....are you kidding me? :D

WarmSunshine said...

ouch! that must've hurt! :P

Shruti said...

uhhh... what? :D
i'll take it this way... you liked it :D
thanks :P

Shruti said...

you bet :D