Thursday, October 20, 2011

Got Your Guns, Love?

Its when you took out your guns
And split the legs wide open!
How did it feel to taste pleasure?
Its when you smelled the gore
And realized I was a nymph
Whom you got by luck.
Your stars were good.
So were mine.
It was like we were Trojans
Bound by the common thread
Of misery and war and ruthlessness.
Its when you bore the grief
Of being stripped of every single piece
Of humility and honesty that you ever possessed...
And gave me a pretty mirror to look at
When haze was the paradise
And illusion was your food!


Light Years Away | MoZella

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Just one song
We get to live.
Just one illusion
We get to hit.
Just one wall
We get to cover.
Just one love
We get to lose.
Just one goodbye
We get to give.
Just one lie
We get to say.
Just one promise
We get to break.
Just one life
We get to bang.
Just one gunshot
We get to screw it all.


Now Playing: Bang Bang | Nancy Sinatra
courtesy: deviantArt

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tell Me What You Want To Hear!

Recite me what you learned
When we were young and virgins.
Whisper it in my ears,
The ecstasy we knew of swinging in the air.
Reveal all the secrets we had
Before we began to touch the winds.
Remind me of the story of our palms
And how we made homes.
Read the letters to me;
Those I wrote in moonlight.
Blabber about all the days
When we laughed in the rain.
Show me the paintings I did
Of that drop right beside fire.
Straighten all the memories of...
Of a 1000 days we met everyday!
Build me a boat...
A yacht...
A house on the hills...
And then...
Tell me what you want to hear!


Now Playing: Secrets | OneRepublic
picture courtesy: deviantArt