Sunday, October 16, 2011


Just one song
We get to live.
Just one illusion
We get to hit.
Just one wall
We get to cover.
Just one love
We get to lose.
Just one goodbye
We get to give.
Just one lie
We get to say.
Just one promise
We get to break.
Just one life
We get to bang.
Just one gunshot
We get to screw it all.


Now Playing: Bang Bang | Nancy Sinatra
courtesy: deviantArt


Cяystal said...

Sistarr. :)
I miss your blog posts. It had such a Me feel to it. Lithium. Pentagram. Hand in hand. Goth, dark and b'ful. (ignore the narcissism)
Whenever I come here, its a newish place, but I feel soooo laden with your words, I swing with them, they create pictures.
Last two lines nailed it!
You're a genius. A genius I love.
And I mean it.


Cяystal said...

And maybe you'd like to check my blog. I linked yours with mine. :*

Shruti said...

Oh my God, Titlee...
You know every time you post such touching words, I get so overwhelmed that I have such a pretty little butterfly with me to always make me happy. And I shall check your blog real soon... i am just overloaded with a lot of assignments and paper work.

Daniyal Arain said...

One Soul to Rule Your Existence -
One Body to Ruin it All.

You've done a quite nice job :)

Shruti said...

Thank you, Daniyal.

I'm glad to have new readers :)

Daniyal Arain said...

I'm a 99.99% stalker. @_@

Shruti said...


I like you :D

Rahul said...

so much of darkness?:-D Let there be light!!!!!!!!

Shruti said...

Of course, Rahul.

There's blinding light now :D