Friday, November 25, 2011

It's My Darling's Birthday

I know it is a little late for a birthday post but what the hell. It's still her birthday :-)

Mansa turns 19 today! ^_^

Not going to be a long post since she already knows what a kickass friend she is. But! She is one girl I really call when I am in the deepest emotional ditch and also when I am flying planes of happiness (with hidden connotations).

Well, she is someone who would do complete justice, and probably more justice than required to Applied Psychology because all of that comes very naturally to her.

So basically, she is awesome and my darling. I love you Manzaaaa. And I still have your gift which I shall give to you shortly :D

On a serious note, thank you for coming as this halo-donned-amazing-smiling-best-friend to me. We shall plan  your honeymoon very soon. Haha! :D

Thats us. Duh! Farewell 2010. We look like such kids. We should have more pictures.. New ones. (Without people in the background-with hidden connotations, again :D)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mad Mad Woman.

Do I look like the mad woman
Who got out of the skin
Of someone totally bizarre?
And who looked at you from the deepest
Of the mysteries and anxieties
And even more nerve-wrecking truths
Suddenly overflowing with stark amber eyes
Dripping every drop of water from the nape of neck
To the muslin carpet underneath your bed
Just to remind you...
Yeah! You should clean it!


Now Playing: L.A. Woman | The Doors

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Build You Again

Its the seed inside
A parallel to your relfection
My eyes resemble yours
And the skin is sunk in too.
You remind me of the stars
In the sky filled with scars.
The deep wounds of rays,
The last needle prick,
And the only tissue left...
I shall take all these
And build you again,