Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hot Pink and S.

It is a little too late for the usual "Happy New Year" post in the new year.. but what the heck! Happy new year fellas!!

So many bucket lists being uploaded everywhere. I thought of posting mine too. But it was slightly long. Therefore I am going to post only a few items/things to be done this year. However they are not, by any chance, new year resolutions.

  1. Get a tattoo. 
  2. Enjoy the last three months of college to the fullest, thereby indulging in spending more time with college folks. *sniff*
  3. Start dancing again.
  4. Brush up Deutsch speaking skills and at least finish B-level. 
  6. Start playing the sport again.
  7. Be single [HAHAHA]
  8. Read more than ever before. 
  9. Write more often.
  10. Chill. 

Point #7 made me laugh like a kid. #10 sums it up.

If I had to give one adjective to my current state of mind it would most definitely be "Chill". But that's been the case for most part of my life. It is thus established that I am "Chiller" person. Fuck. I am going to miss college. Terribly. *sniff*
Also, me working on getting a writing internship with a cool cool mag. Me reading a lot these days. Albert Camus is BLOODY HOT. Yes. I am a hyper person when it comes to dead men's physical attractiveness. I am going to  be 22 this year. That is NOT a very good feeling when most of your friends are still 20-21.

I like being chirpy. My tarot card reading (done by a very close friend) predicts that I am going to be satisfied person. No regrets. Sigh! I like the person I am becoming. :)

That is my photographer friend (she's bloody good- the modest kinds) and ME! 
How I am going to miss the Lou :')
Dilli :')

P.S: S = Shruti. Just sayin'


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