Thursday, March 28, 2013


First it poured down the bed sheets. Then it followed the boundaries made by those mosaic tiles. After that it crept into the lobby, down the stairs, along side the love songs. Finally, walked itself out of the house, to the streets, to where its heart was!

It did not feel like he had lost something or he had abandoned someone. It felt as if he was waiting for the words to etch into his memory so he could do away with their physical presence... as if he spent each day looking into its eyes, answering million questions, in a language completely alien to it; in words which isolated it from him! His laugh disgusted it. The way he undressed, the way he cooked, the way he cleaned his car... all of this made it hate him. He was not a stranger anymore. And this killed it.

He waited and watched; not moving a limb, not even twitching a muscle, he sat on the edge of the same bed sheets. Crumbled, wrinkled, dry dreams. It left him. He left him. The radio played Sinatra. Strangers in the night, exchanging glances.

It was She.



Thursday, March 21, 2013


Windows, drapes, balconies and chairs have a different connotation and meaning for her. She does not belong to the usual "look at me, I am damaged" creed of women. But you do look at her, when you know she is anger stricken and infected with intense love- not just for that someone but for everyone she is friends with, is related to. She is the epitome of passion! Having spent most of her time near windows, drapes, balconies and on chairs, she is synonymous with waiting. Life has come full circle for her. She loves to love. And she is even more passionate in her hatred. Her dedicated hatred for a few makes you drive toward her- with amazement and intrigue. Carrying the blackest eyes, she can take you down with her sharp words, and even sharper sense of directed condescension. Carving her life out to accommodate enough to drive her crazy, she has been one hell of a woman. You meet her for the first time and she will tell you how she wants to eat the Indian national bird. She will tell you that she can be everything she wants to be and ten times better at that- only, she choose not to, not at this moment, maybe. Maybe not. I do not quite know for sure.

She has taught me a lot in the last three years- knowingly/unknowingly, intentionally/unintentionally. Among other things, I have learned that it is not really about winning or losing; it is, in fact, about the game itself. How you play matters. Not how you win or lose. I love her supremely. I connect to her in a way I cannot to my own best friend of ten years. She is the only one I can discuss business with and not feel stupid about being premature. She is equally clueless about it as I am.

You, Roy, are one hell of a stunner. Stay the same. And we shall be great entrepreneurs, chilling and shopping in the hills (soon).


This is written under no influence. Not even emotional turbulence, PMS, etc. Roy, you're special. 

Lots of love.



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Friday, March 8, 2013


Sing. Hate. Despise. Travel. Write. Listen. Read. Make music. Study. Laugh. Adopt a pet. Run. Watch the sunrise. Be angry. Make friends. Make enemies. Love. Wear pretty colours. Walk barefoot. Kiss. Dance. Shake hands. Hug. Head-bang. Get tattooed. Smile. Sleep naked. Paint your room. Play with pigeons. Click photographs. Wear kohl. Have sex. Watch plays. Free fall. Lie down in the grass. Sink in sand. Live. Trouble your siblings. Cry in laughter. Watch movies. Value things/people/everything. Believe in Karma. Spend one sleepless night. Move on. Give death-stares. Work. Drink tea. Stretch. Drive. Learn. Never be too patient. Do not be judgmental. Don't crib too much. Blow bubbles at India Gate. Have lots of ice cream. Get your navel/ear/eyebrow/all pierced. Don't watch too much TV. Don't overrate/exaggerate your pain. Attend concerts. Collect posters. Meet people.

And lastly, continue this list of random words.


Simplified. At Peace.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring '13 =)

Happy March!! :)
Spring is my favorite season in Delhi. The sky is clear. It's always sunny during the day. The winds are just the right amount of cold. And you don't have to wear truck loads of clothes. Colors. Brightness. Spring!!

Since I had never posted what my college looks like I thought this was the right time. My college looks the most stunning in Spring. Fellas! That's my college. Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. Ain't it pretty?! It used to be the office of the Governor during the British rule; so now it has the status of being a Heritage building under ASI.

In other important updates, Steve Aoki tops the playlist, projects galore, tattoo is one month old, and summer looks real good this year!


NP: Singularity | Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas ft. My Name Is Kay


I watched Into The Wild again last night. I loved this line "Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness, give me truth!"