Friday, March 8, 2013


Sing. Hate. Despise. Travel. Write. Listen. Read. Make music. Study. Laugh. Adopt a pet. Run. Watch the sunrise. Be angry. Make friends. Make enemies. Love. Wear pretty colours. Walk barefoot. Kiss. Dance. Shake hands. Hug. Head-bang. Get tattooed. Smile. Sleep naked. Paint your room. Play with pigeons. Click photographs. Wear kohl. Have sex. Watch plays. Free fall. Lie down in the grass. Sink in sand. Live. Trouble your siblings. Cry in laughter. Watch movies. Value things/people/everything. Believe in Karma. Spend one sleepless night. Move on. Give death-stares. Work. Drink tea. Stretch. Drive. Learn. Never be too patient. Do not be judgmental. Don't crib too much. Blow bubbles at India Gate. Have lots of ice cream. Get your navel/ear/eyebrow/all pierced. Don't watch too much TV. Don't overrate/exaggerate your pain. Attend concerts. Collect posters. Meet people.

And lastly, continue this list of random words.


Simplified. At Peace.

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Kshipra said...

And do the boogie woogie!
your posts make me happy!

Shruti said...

Mission Accomplished. :)

I'm super happy to hear that. ^.^