Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Ink

The following is the only picture I have of my ink. This will remain one of the most celebrated things that I have done so far. And since college finally bid us farewell yesterday I felt like sharing it. So with this, I strike off the first 2 points in my bucket list for 2013. Got a tattoo done. Enjoyed the last three months of college to the fullest. 

Now, studying for final year exams, and trying to earn some money. Home is as good as it gets. I miss the carefree craziness of Delhi though. The room is revamped, my way. Lots of comfortable laughter, sleep, great food, Mommy, Daddy and Kevin. And also, unlimited internet  =D
Though my mother is a little upset about all that music in my room all day-all night. Well, we'll figure that out!
Iron Man 3 is impeccable! Go watch it if you haven't already. 

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I need to get the matraa fixed. I am really going to miss going to college everyday and meeting the crackwhores! I am going to miss you DU!!! *sniff*

Happy Summer =)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh Dear Sicily!

The day I actually begin with my life, I am going to save money, catch the plane, and travel across Sicily. Not with anyone else but me. I want to travel alone to Palermo- walk barefoot on the brick streets, touch the age old doors, breathe that air and fulfill this one burning desire in me! 

I asked my friend what his dream destination was. He replied, "I am too caught up with career shit to think about it!" I felt sad. I felt vulnerable. I thought what if I am caught in that web too?? How could you allow your career/marriage/relationships/etc to overshadow that bucket list you made with the first love of your life? It does not matter if you're with your first love or not...but the bucket list is right there! 

We look for a "decent" job to 
1) buy a good car 
2) live comfortably/luxuriously 
3) buy clothes/shoes/bags/other stuff 
4) get married to someone who too has a "decent" job
5) fornicate in five star hotel rooms during honeymoons
6) make kids and send them off to expensive schools
7) give our kids arrogance for which we are working our ass off everyday

This very day, I promise myself that I am going to add a point right before point 1)


Picture Courtesy: deviantArt


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If I ever have a daughter, I will name her Sicily! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let There Be Chaos, Always!

That touch which is so very You, that has the ability to fill the room with laughter and lovesick marks on the sheets- it makes me want to do things. It makes me want to take a leap into the future, rewrite the possibilities and replace order and perfection with chaos, imperfection, secrets and complete disorder. It makes me want to mix all the colours and melt the crayons thereafter. It makes me want to remove Time and float into an illogical space, with no chronology and no sense of loss.


One of those self-confessional days. I have been in love with the same person for the last four years. There are no compulsions, no promises... just the presence. Sometimes physical, sometimes in a figment of imagination. She calls it my inability to come to terms with reality. I call it the reality. I am here. He is here. We're not together but we're here. We're here! Right here! 

Monday, April 8, 2013


An otherwise really boring/lazy/dull day, this day turned out to be quite cool. What made my day??

Half an hour ago I was texting with my brother and he told me to YouTube some songs as I have NO space left in my laptop. Yes! I have achieved the unattainable. All the storage devices have been exhausted. The only storage left is in my phone but well let's not go there. iPhone is strange in that sense!
YouTube is the best thing that happened to the Internet. I opened it to watch some cool videos and the home screen had this:

You know I don't usually fall for Indian men (which is not a good thing since it limits my options). BUT!!!! This one video is a major turn on. The song is quite stilly. Who cares?! Ranbir Kapoor gives me hope that there still might be some decent looking Indian men left to ogle at! Also, he does that one step better than the professional dancers at the back. *.*


The things I like about living alone in a room are the freedom to one, wear anything you like and two, dance at absolutely any time and to anything. Everyone should live alone at some point in their life! It teaches you to love yourself- something which a lot of us are sadly unable to do. It also teaches you how to chill. 

Also, I have done some of the coolest projects this term. One was Male Habits and the Contemporary Woman and now I am working on analyzing the movie Pulp Fiction as an example of postmodern art. English literature is one hell of a discipline. So glad that I studied it for these three years. 
Reading Charles Bukowski these days. I love what he says: Find what you love and let it kill you!
On my way, Bukowski. 

Lots of love.