Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Ink

The following is the only picture I have of my ink. This will remain one of the most celebrated things that I have done so far. And since college finally bid us farewell yesterday I felt like sharing it. So with this, I strike off the first 2 points in my bucket list for 2013. Got a tattoo done. Enjoyed the last three months of college to the fullest. 

Now, studying for final year exams, and trying to earn some money. Home is as good as it gets. I miss the carefree craziness of Delhi though. The room is revamped, my way. Lots of comfortable laughter, sleep, great food, Mommy, Daddy and Kevin. And also, unlimited internet  =D
Though my mother is a little upset about all that music in my room all day-all night. Well, we'll figure that out!
Iron Man 3 is impeccable! Go watch it if you haven't already. 

Now Playing: Back In Black | AC/DC


I need to get the matraa fixed. I am really going to miss going to college everyday and meeting the crackwhores! I am going to miss you DU!!! *sniff*

Happy Summer =)


The Guy in the Hat ™ said...

All the best for the final exams and the earning money thing.

Yes, Iron Man 3 is freakin' awesome.

So you made the tattoo yourself?

Shruti said...

Thanks. And how could I possibly make that tattoo myself? :P

I got it done from a professional artist.

Kshipra said...

Youuu! Happy graduation! All the best with the new phase in life. Your tattoo looks beautiful, and you look pensive.
My mom is upset about the number of sheets sprawled all around my room. :) I guess we ride the same boat.

Shruti said...

:D :D Thanks a lot for the wishes.And that tattoo hurt but it was worth all the pain :)

Same boat- high-5!