Thursday, October 20, 2011

Got Your Guns, Love?

Its when you took out your guns
And split the legs wide open!
How did it feel to taste pleasure?
Its when you smelled the gore
And realized I was a nymph
Whom you got by luck.
Your stars were good.
So were mine.
It was like we were Trojans
Bound by the common thread
Of misery and war and ruthlessness.
Its when you bore the grief
Of being stripped of every single piece
Of humility and honesty that you ever possessed...
And gave me a pretty mirror to look at
When haze was the paradise
And illusion was your food!


Light Years Away | MoZella


Tushar Mangl said...


Shruti said...

Thanks, Tushar :-)

Rahul said...

i cant say i understand the poem fully....the parts which i did...or which i think i did...blew me away...:-)

Shruti said...

Thank you. :-)