Thursday, July 12, 2012

Track #4 - I'm Jim Morrison...

Thursday. The 12th of July.

Just came to my room. Was on the terrace with my doggie. He likes to spend time with me while the sun sets, everyday! The basic idea of making this playlist was to get a respite from the usual music I listen to; because you like it or not, you do get tired of the words, the beats, etc. I mean... just how much can you listen to the old playlists?! Right. Those who liked Sufjan Stevens yesterday will love this. (Or so I hope). Now this band is one of my personal favorite post-rock bands after, of course, Slint. Instrumental music so bear with it, please :)

I suggest you use headphones/ earphones for this track. Mogwai; the band is talented, amazingly gifted and they come up with crazy names for their tracks, like this one. 

Genre: Post-rock, instrumental
Title: I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead
Artist: Mogwai


I feel lost. Absolutely lost. 
All of us have so many layers within us. This track always reminds of the layered truth behind Jim Morisson's death. Who knows if he died in that pub or his own pool of comfort!! Sigh.
Lots of love.