Saturday, July 14, 2012

Track #6 - Ebb

Saturday. The 14th of July.

Busy day. Weird bank day too. What's up with the state banks these days? :|
Today's track is from India!!! ^.^
Lounge Piranha (cool name, right?) is a real talent pack. Check out their My Space page and you'll know. This was the first track my cousin made me listen to and I fell in love with it. After enough number of serious instrumental tracks, this one is a "feel-good" song.

Genre: Alternative/post-rock
Title: Ebb
Artist: Lounge Piranha


My favorite line: I asked for rain and she gave me winter. 
Just a week for college. eeeeeeeeeee.
Lots of love.  


Anandit Sachdev said...

Lounge Piranha - Ebb. And no comments on the blog post?!

My personal favorite of this album is 'Hand Hole'. I specially got this album delivered from Bangalore. Love these guys! Also... you should check out the album art.

Also.. I like the idea of a song per post. :)


Shruti said...

Haha! Well yeah. :D

Oh I like that song. I love these guys too. They're quite cool.

Thanks for dropping by. Didn't see you around here for long :P

Ausdrucklos said...

How about ye wala ebb?
Tumne suna hai oceansize kabhi? Agar nahi to fir suno abhi

Shruti said...

Yes yes yes yes yessssss.. I love Oceansize.
Trippy music, isn't it :)