Friday, July 13, 2012

Track # 5 - And Leave

Friday. The 13th of July.

Firstly, happy birthday to my very own Buttercup. My friend, Shivani turns 20.

Honestly, I don't understand this Friday the 13th business. I mean, come on! I was born on friday the 13th! Am I weird? [ok, don't answer that].
Anyhow... I talked about this artist who's very close to my heart. She is Sóley.A beautiful singer. She reminds me of Regina Spektor but I like her more. Her music is peace. Period. Headphones suggested, again. I miss my brother. I got a very pretty gift from my cousin yesterday. Very pretty. Sinusitis returns with a bang. :|
Allergy season is here!!

Genre: Indie
Title: And Leave
Artist: Sóley


Dream my way and I will dance for you...
Dream my way and I will sing for you!! 
You know I have the most amazing people around me. And that includes each one of you who appreciate and encourage me here. I love you all.
Lots of love. 

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