Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Track #3 - Romulus

Wednesday. The 11th of July.

You know I have a very strange mood today. Sometimes you go through days when all you want to do is lie in your bed and listen to some music like this. Now, I know I had promised Floyd and Radiohead and Elliott Smith, but Sufjan Stevens cannot be ignored. Now this is different music. Its simple. But not Coldplay simple. There is something about Stevens which is absolutely soft. You know its like poetry.

I have been listening to Stevens all day today. Have not done anything productive. Have traveled across spaces in thought. And here I am now. Its an acoustic track so not many people usually like it. Here it goes anyway.

Genre: Indie
Title: Romulus
Artist: Sufjan Stevens


Once when our mother called, She had a voice of last year's cough. We passed around the phone, Sharing a word about Oregon. When my turn came, I was ashamed. 
I have a weak knee for simplicity. A day well spent in dreaming and living music. 
Floyd, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, and another very very close to my heart artist coming up. 
Lots of love.


Kshipra said...

this makes you feel SOGOOD in the feel like sitting by the window, sipping chai, and sigh!
u do get the imagery. Right?

Shruti said...

^^ Oh I know right!! Sufjan Stevens is THE music for monsoon. Listen to this other song called "The Great God Bird" beautiful!!


And if you liked this, you're going to love what I have next :P

phatichar said...

Nice :)

Mirage said...

Such a pretty song!

Nice. :-)

Shruti said...


Keep listening, better stuff coming soon

Ausdrucklos said...

Reminds me of Iron and Wine. Listen too that too if u haven't as yet.

Shruti said...

^^Now that I think about it, yes it does remind one of Iron and Wine :)

I have listened to them. Good stuff, isnt it!