Sunday, December 16, 2012

Funny Things

Internals over. Entrances for 2012 over. Stress reduced by one inch. And I realized that Winter 2012 is proving to be an interesting amalgamation of strange and superb events/emotions/situations.

Dug into the long-lost PC backup. Found some old music. Felt fresh. Now I have been experiencing some really weird dreams lately. I do not even know if they can be categorized as nightmares. They're just too random and sometimes weirdly scary! One time I saw a truck falling from the sky on this whole line of houses in front of mine. Not an aircraft or anything which flies...but a white truck! Yes. Then another time I saw myself running like that player does in the game of Temple Run. Only difference was that there were no coins to be collected, or no zombies following me. I was just running endlessly. It wasn't even graphics. It all felt so real. And today!!! I saw myself going back to a place which has been a recurrent place in my dreamland. As a kid, that is where I lost my imaginary friend and could never figure out why. The same place now had me and a yellow sky, with more buildings, this time higher than they usually were...a man whom I have never met, a man whom I loved very dearly, the man I love now and a woman whom I never quite liked much! Now the stranger was a creep and apparently some hot-shot Jazz singer. The man I loved in the past was happy with me. I was happy too. I smiled throughout. Then the woman came and I left. Then the man I now love kept waiting. I haven't had such a confused, hazy dream in some time.

I do not believe in the implied meanings of dreams. I am a firm follower of Freud and I too believe that dreams are manifestations of our subconscious thoughts. Now I want to ask my subconscious the whereabouts of the stranger and the man I loved then! I understand the woman part since I have constant interaction with her. Presence of my current love is too obvious.
Things are too confusing. It kinda makes no sense.
Its disturbing!

I have a series of serious nightmares which have been recurring since I was a kid. That's understandable. They're part of my unconscious and subconscious fears/wishes/unfulfilled wishes etc.
And then He says I think too much. I do. Mr. Freud, help! Reading up too much on you has only screwed with the already over burdened thought provoking grey matter.
He also says that I should laugh more often. I just smile. I need to laugh more. I like how people you meet at different stages of your life perceive you and your situations. I like how we like to think that "their" opinion does not matter, but it obviously does. And then He says that he does not count me in the usual girls He has had. How I wish I could tell him that He is quite a Man! How I wish I could escape the strange incomprehensible dreamland and be more unaffected by the structures my memory builds.


NP: You And I | Jason Mraz

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