Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do not miss the 3rd bullet. =D

Some important bullet points:
  • Men in Mundus are so sexy.
  • Lots of plans cropping up for the "life" :D
  • In love. 
  • All geared up for some real nice entrances, starting from November.
  • Winter is coming. Diwali is coming. Bhai is coming. ^.^ 
  • Been doing good at college (for a change) :P
  • Happy
  • Papon is absolutely magical. 
  • Nh7 Weekender \m/ 

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Hee. So happy. 21 is a really good age to be in. Boo. =D
Chris Martin. Sigh. Men in mundus. Bigger sigh. 

Lots and lots of love. Heaps of love.




Abhishek Ghosh said...

Seems that 21 is turning lucky for u...:)

Kshipra said...

This is such a happppppy post.....! All the best.
And men in mundus?..... did you visit Kerala recently? But then again mundus are so versatile, long to short in no time.

Shruti said...

Abhishek, I genuinely hope so :-)

Hee. I am kinda happy these days :P
And no, didn't visit Kerala recently. Fell in love with a mallu

*big toothie smile*

Kshipra said...

awwww.....you! :) :)

Shruti said...