Friday, October 25, 2013

Passionflower and Alter-Ego =)

You know how we are always so comfortable, sitting in our little cocoon? We love it in our little bubble. Well, I am not different. I haven't been quite the extrovert in sharing my poetry, as I have been in other areas of life. So, the other day, after spending hours sitting in front of the laptop and trying to decide if I should hit the Send button, I thought to giving it a shot.

So here's my first step to trying to come out of my bubble, sharing my poetry, and being a little more open. Click HERE to read it. I love this initiative and have read some amazing stuff here. So if you're a budding writer or just a shy one (like me), go ahead and submit your work here. If not, then just read mine and others' =D

In other updates, I am desperately waiting for this year to end. And after you're done reading Writers Asylum, go watch this.  Do NOT ignore. Please go and watch :)


Mother is back and I have to admit, it was sort of fun having the whole house to myself for three days. And I get these scary realizations every now and then that I am 22 and I am not doing much with life. At least not as much as I had wanted to. Well... I think we're making slow but steady progress. Anyway, even if you don't read that poem, watch that video. OkayBye.



Anonymous said...

I read and "liked" it, in both meanings of the word. You are better than some of the published poets I know.

Red Handed said...

Hey thr!! That I read ur poem and honey its time u leave that bubble..coz u r good!
Also life doesnt move like we planned. So yes ..slow and steady! :)

Shruti said...

You know I love you right? :*

Red Handed,
Thank you for the encouragement. Slow and steady is good. :)