Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Every Life is a Lie.

Falling in love is so overrated. The concept of companionship is more of a necessity. We waste our life searching for "the one". Sometimes, we assume that this xyz person is the one. The one who will make my day better by a mere smile or a passionate kiss. I am amazed at how we are always ready to give second chances, ready to rebuild dreams. We are so keen on lying to ourselves just to define a sense of security. In all totality, we are scared beings. Too scared to live a life on our own terms. Afraid to define life by the moments when we were truly free...when we were absolutely happy.

I came across this article here. Such a simple question. How do you live your life? Keep the answer to yourself or send it to the author. But just do yourself a favor. Answer the question.

I feel life is like a playlist. You listen to one track. Go on to the next one. And repeat. You shouldn't keep songs you dislike in your playlist. You shouldn't have to skip even one song. I think that is how life should be. You shouldn't have to skip anything. It should be the way you operate a playlist. If you doze off when there still are eight tracks to listen, you carry on with it the next day.

Love is overrated. Not that I don't believe in it. I do. But I don't understand the Romantic and glorified version of it. Nobody comes in your life for you. They come in your life for themselves. So do you.
It is like that old statement. You help each other to take off clothes before sex, you hardly ever help each other put them back on after you're done.

So lets try one thing. Lets stop pretending.


NP: Promise | Ben Howard

Who am I, darling for you?
Who am I?
Going to be a burden in time...
I come alone here. 


Do read that article. And listen to Ben Howard. That's my remedy for a bad day.


Ausdrucklos said...

"Nobody comes in your life for you. They come in your life for themselves. So do you."

It couldn't have been said in a simpler way Shurtee.

But don't you think if there is nothing 'special', then the essence of relationship and the whole agenda of it falters?

Shruti said...


It does. The agenda is flawed in itself. Some of us are hopeless optimists. For them it's always "special"

Soumya said...

You start living, only when you stop pretend. Else life remains a lie, just like yourself.

The article you linked here was fascinating. Probably half of our problems would be solved, if we asked ourselves that simple question.

First time here, liking it :)

Shruti said...


Yes, absolutely. But you know we all have an inherent pretense when we are surrounded by people. I think we cannot help it. That article gave me a perspective. This is why I love social media. Teaches us so many things
Welcome aboard :-)
And I am glad you're liking my space.

Thank you :)