Thursday, October 17, 2013

If The Plane Goes Down, Damn...

I have deactivated Facebook. (Yay!) Firstly, it was getting obscenely boring to read the same type of updates by everyone and see the same kind of pictures uploaded. Second, it had turned more like a reminder that almost everybody is living a better life than you are...with girls going to Europe to study further, boys working in music festivals, and kids..well... kids were being the same.. posing for their DSLR cameras and Instagram-ing their duck faces with captions such as "Me and mah bestie at le Sunburnz". Yes! Sadly, I know such kids. *facepalm*

I have had a Twitter account for the last two years, but only recently did I become more frequent there. And now, I like it better. Its short and crisp and you can always indulge in conversations with yourself. My twitter handle is @shroooti_singh. Not that I post any interesting updates, but whatever.

So the primal dilemma right now is: Do I follow my heart into choosing a career which would stimulate me intellectually and creatively


Do I continue with the rat-race, ignore the inspiration I get every time I watch Wake Up Sid! and hope to become the corporate slave my beloved khandaan expects me to be?

I shall update this space with the choice I made. But I am sure everybody has been through this fix. If you have, please bless me with your words. I am in a dire need to get this clutter off of my head.

In other important news, I FINALLY got a new laptop. [Heeee :D]. Its so pretty and sleek. And the best part is the battery. Yes. Its a very big factor, considering that I have used an Acer which worked for just 11 minutes without being plugged-in. So you get my happiness, right?!
I am not particularly excited for the impending festival season. Its like a burden to be chirpy and happy when its actually just overrated. Small families living in big cities in their big mansions, watching the Diwali Mega Blast on TV channels on their big LED screens. That's festive season, summarized.

In short, life is like the Jason Mraz song, Plane. "...I'll remember where the love was found."


I am trying for a couple of internships... anything to keep the volatile mind of mine from falling prey to the wonderful existential words of Kafka, Camus and Nietzsche. I am dealing with the twenty-something crisis of life. 
Much love to Jason Mraz, and to you, dear Reader. 



Mirage said...

I once completed a whole month without fb. It was so relieving that I decided to deactivate my account every once in a while.

Haw, I too use an Acer. It's been almost a year and so far the battery has not troubled me. Hope it lives well for another two years at least.

On the career decision, I'm just glad that I have a good 1 and a half years left to ponder. Yay! ^_^

I don't see you as a corporate slave. It doesn't suit you. So don't be one. :)

rjs said...

Do I follow my heart...
Do I ignore the inspiration...

your question is the answer, Shruti..

Shruti said...

My Acer was seven years old so, you can imagine. :P
Don't worry. I still love Acer. They're still pretty cool.And you're in a better position for having this time in hand to figure everything out.

Thenks for the words :-*

You're right. :-)
But I guess, we all need someone to tell us that the path we are thinking of choosing is worth taking the risk.

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Which laptop? Say Mac! :-D
Also, you so deserve it.

Shruti said...

I got Vaio.. Mac was way out of budget for a student/working from home person :(