Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Random Things I Love

  1. Ice cream sandwich in December.
  2. The part of The Ellen Degeneres' Show when they show her talking to kids. That's the only time I like kids.
  3. Colourful pages.
  4. Momos from Campus and from Dharamkot.
  5. Laughing before going to bed.
  6. Waking up to the smell of masala tea.
  7. My best friend's smile.
  8. Photos of my brother when he was three. That's when my folks lived in the hills and clicked amazing shots of him in the valleys, holding well....earthworms. But not the point. 
  9. Quick home delivery of books and everything else.
  10. Walking from Janpath to Block-B of CP, on a foggy January evening. 


NP: Giving Me Life | SuperVision

So in short, I am missing winters. I am missing them more so because I would be at home, away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. In all honesty, I do not like living in a suburb. Its mundane, boring, and too quiet. I am keeping myself busy by listening to artist from the Pretty Lights Music Label. To top it all, the car is thrashed. Will not be returned before Sunday. Also, tomorrow is the lamest and the most sexist festival of Hindus. And I am wearing a Miller polo tee. Oh the irony!



Ridx said...

I love laughing before going to bed, colorful papers and quick home delivery. :D

Which festival? :D

Shruti said...

High-5 on that list, Honey :D

Arre here in India, Hindus have this festival where the women, primarily wives, don't eat (and sometimes don't even drink water) for the whole day, to pray for their husbands' long lives. They end their fast with the moon-rise. You should google it. It'll tell you the entire mythological story behind this ritual.

Its quite insane. Like a cult.