Monday, July 29, 2013

Midnight Rants.

My friend asked me a couple of days ago, "What is your idea of a perfect monsoon evening?"

A cup of strong tea, a balcony overlooking a garden with lush green creepers, a bedroom with deep red walls, and beautiful jazz playing on the stereo. 

Its another thing that it hasn't been the best of monsoons this time. But I have learned that imagination is indeed very important and a strong determining factor of how your life might turn out to be. So yes, someday, I do wish to have my perfect monsoon evening.


NP: I've Got To See You Again | Norah Jones

I love my music and I love sharing it. So please go ahead. Click on the name and enjoy the jazz. 
Miss Jones, what divinity!! 

Yves Klein; Leap Into The Void

This is one of my all-time favorite photographs. 



Tushar Mangl said...

Imagination is everything. That and fantasies. I think they are cousins or siblings or something.
But you forgot to take the pakoras to the balcony Shru. Its raining :)

Cheerz !!!

Shruti said...

Hehe. Yes. Almost forgot about the pakoras :D

Kshipra said...

You just described my favorite evening scene pre-offfice I'm usually in the office at that time.