Monday, July 1, 2013

For the Jock's Birthday!

It was six years ago that I first joined Blogger. It was an itch that I wanted to get rid of. Some of it was the disappointment that I couldn't be as close to my big brother as I would like to. Some of it was just the plain reason that I wanted to channelize my energy into something constructive, rather than being curious about stuff I already knew. Now that I have a stable blog, I realised that I never really talked about my brother here. Why? Because once I did that...wrote about him. Sent him the link. And he flipped out. My plan of letting him know that I miss him backfired and he ended up telling me that I should stick to phone calls et cetera.

I am not going to send him this link. He might not even read this. But I want to give him this space on my blog. So my brother and I have gotten really close. We share almost everything. Almost! Its good to say that now, at this point in time, when I am 21 (soon 22. yikes!) and he is 28, we understand each other better than we did some years back. He seems to be okay with the kind of boys I like. And I was never really curious about his girlfriends. I have been a good sister. Never nagged. And he has been one hell of a big brother. He made sure I don't end up with a loser of a boyfriend. Or have a broken heart. And when I did, he was there trying his best to fix it, and telling me that it was always the other guy's loss. He still tells me that. He has been there, encouraging me and always telling me to push my limits, to soar higher. And he has also been the reason I like to splurge once in a while. Every girl should have a big brother like him because when he takes you out to shop, you can practically buy the entire mall. And I am not even kidding. He spoils me. Gives me cool stuff. Did you know I have an Apple Inc bag pack?! I like to flaunt it. And he works for Apple Inc.
But apart from all the cool stuff he lets me buy or splurge on, he has been a very strong support system in my life. He has understood me when my mother could not, which is a great deal because our mother is the coolest and the most understanding woman you would find. He has been tough on people who have hurt me. And he has been tougher on me to shape me into who I am now.

I just hope that he knows how proud I am of him. He has worked hard, very hard in fact, to be where he is right now. And literal hard work. Physical and mental. He has his flaws but since 2nd July is his birthday, I will keep from posting his flaws here. Birthdays should be only about good things. It makes me feel bad that I couldn't really be a part of many of his birthday celebrations because well, he is 6 years older than me and you know how men are. They like to be with their boy gang. He is 28. And I love him immensely.
Of course I want him to be happy forever but who are we kidding! That does not happen. So I wish that he gets the strength to come out of his sorrows and problems, and the grace and humility to accept his happiness and success.

I think I am going to send him a postcard. We decided on that recently. Also, he is single and rich.


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He likes to listen to some music which I don't really relate to. But this one song is good. It is actually interesting how I cannot know for sure which music he loves the most. But yes, both of us have a LOT in common as far as luck in love, and movie choices are concerned. So Happy Birthday Bhaiya. It's already his birthday in Australia. I miss you. 


Mirage said...

Having an elder brother is awesome. I have adorable memories with my bade Bhaiya. And each time I remember, a smile sprouts on my face.

Loved the post. Happy wala birthday tumhare pyare Bhaiya ko!

Shruti said...

:) :)

Thank you Vinati. And yes. I totally relate to the big brother stories! =)

Kshipra said...

Brothers are one of the best friends any girl could have.

My brother taught me more about boys and myself more than anyone else. And he is 4 years younger to me.

He's been my strongest pillar, even though we have spent almost a decade of our lives fighting on which side of the bed belongs to whom, and who will pick up the dishes. Haha

Happy birthday to your bro.

Love to you. :)