Friday, July 12, 2013

Official Reasons to Miss DU.

Wednesday night, this draft had a different opening line. It was on the lines of Chuck Palahnuik's Fight Club. About death and life and pain and meaning of all these things! And then my phone buzzed.

So and so posted in Facebook Group "Lit Majors"- Third Year Results Out. Honestly, I sank for a while. That was not what I wanted to see that night. I was dealing with some terrible news already. Result would have only added to the misery. Gathered all the energy to open the link. The server is too busy. Perfect! And it has been "too busy" ever since. But yes. I am, officially, a Graduate. Bachelors in English Literature successfully completed.
College has been great. I have made friends for life. I have learned beyond measure. I have evolved into a much better person. And I have enjoyed three years of that (in)famous DU life. (TeeHee). You know the best part of living in campus? It was the ability to just be part of everything happening. You would step out of your room, to get some momos or have that amazing shake at the Big Yellow Door or give your jeans for alteration or just any random thing, and you would be in the middle of either a peaceful candle march by NE students, a full fledged angry protest march by AISA or just a group of boys dressed in black, strumming guitar and singing Silk Route songs. The whole ambiance was just killer! In these three years I have had almost every kind of experience associated with college life, and particularly to DU. I have had a heart-break; stalkers (both male and female); crazy roomies- so crazy that I am going to write an exclusive post just on the variety of people I have stayed with (make that 9 roomies in 3 years); crazier friends; suckers for professors; too cool to handle professors; attendance issues; late night dangers; etc etc.

I am emotional about it, yes. But it is a very big relief. As Daddy said "It's a milestone. Many more to cross."
I miss my college and life at campus already. I go there every weekend but it doesn't feel the same anymore. I see new faces every time. Freshers. And though DU is down the dumps with the FYUP, it continues to attract kids and keep them Bambi-eyed for at least a year.
I just recalled this one day when my friends and I decided to do what college girls were supposed to do. So we went to 975 (I miss this place!) and we had a Hookah. I honestly hate it. I cannot fathom the purpose of it. And then we grew up soon after. Began going to more "decent" places. Mocha. Route 04. Crazy Noodles. Dunkin' Donuts. Coffee Houses. 4-star restaurants. And then there was My Bar, for the last week of the month. There were ice-creams at India Gate. Pani-puri at Bengali Mkt. And events at Mandi House. Sigh!

Being a Graduate feels old. And I guess the only reason I could still love Delhi was because I was in college. I had something to look forward to each day. There was a sense of belonging. A sense of responsibility. At home, everything is taken care of. I am not very good with living like that. I miss waking up at 6:30 to keep my bucket in the bathroom, to claim that I will bathe first. And I really miss chatting with the Momo guy about how I should not eat so much of that spicy chutney. What I don't miss is attending MB's lectures. Boy, those lectures were death. Not just ordinary death. It was death by putting out the fire on your face by a fork! I am sure she must have made some sense in all those long lectures about Piccadilly, Westminster bridge, Big Ben and blah-blah.Yes. I do not miss that!

So Yay! for being a Literature graduate. And I am going to sign this post off in typical Literary fashion.

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.
- Shakespeare, Hamlet.


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I hated Shakespeare when I entered college. And now look at me, quoting him and shit. =D
Also, that picture was taken after a sad attempt at Crossing the Abbey Road pose. Watch Despicable Me 2. SO FUNNY!
Until next time, lots of love. Stay close to your best friends. They matter more than any boy(friend) or girl(friend). 


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