Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Would-Have-Beens

What would have happened if you had taken that one extra step when you stood at my door? Would things be better or would they have been the same? What would I be like? What would you feel about your then future, now present? Had you taken that one extra step, things would have fallen into shards, if not into shackles, as they have now! Excitement would not have kicked in as it does now, every time that we slip into each other's clothes. Every thing was just so perfect back then. It would have remained that way, had you taken that one extra step. And that would have ruined every thing that we have now. Yes, we have a lot of unsaid words and gaps between us. We do have a lot of thought-block when we interact. Our conversations run either into awkward silences or into steamy bed sharing moments. But who would have thought that two people like us will end up sharing something so imperfect and chaotic that even spelling out the word "order" would become impossible and out of reach. We cannot have stability. Neither do we aim for it.

Who came back the same from a war anyway?!


Now Playing: Black Flies | Ben Howard

This man and this night. Beautifully chaotic. And dark. Last year, this day I was in Goa, feeling rejuvenated. This year, hopefully the hills would do that. Soon. Very soon. Until next time, listen to music- it will never leave you alone. 



Tushar man said...

The only thing that comes back from a war is the ugly realization of true human form.

Enjoy the hills. Reminds me, that your readers have always been deprived of detailed travel logs here.

Shruti said...


Thank you! I am really looking forward to it. And yes. Hopefully, I will write a detailed travel post here when I am back!I had been longing to go to this one particular place. :-)

Kshipra said...

Shruti, sorry for being away for so long. I meant to comment earlier.

You will love the hills, for everyone profound has found solace there.

And sometimes its better not knowing what it could've been. Sometimes its worst. But whatever happens, eventually we all learn to look at it as a 'good thing'. :)

Aayush Verma said...

I always wonder, is what happened the best that could happen ? Or it feels the best thing to have happened just because it did..

Great post :)

Aayush Verma said...

Great post :)

The greatest tragedy in life is that we can not walk all the paths possible...

It is also what makes life beautiful. A sense of adventure. Of not knowing.

Uncertainty has its own rewards.

Shruti said...


Absolutely. Whatever said and done, everything does turn out to be at least some "good" :-)

The hills were amazing. A post very soon.

Firstly, thanks for visiting. And I am glad you like my space.And how true! Uncertainty is adventurous, indeed :-)