Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hilly Coolth

This one week will remain as one of the most memorable time in my life, as of now. Going to places is not a big deal. You do the bookings, you pay for your tickets, and you're there. You have great company and so you enjoy. But this one week was a lot more than that. I had a hell lot of amazing food. Trekked to gorgeous places. Ran down a hill to eat some delicious chocolates. And spent the week in an air so pure that my skin had never been so radiant before.

I am going to update you with some detailed travel posts. But till then, here's a suggestion- if you haven't been to Dharamshala-McLeodganj as of now, please do plan a trip (after all the rescue operations have been done because you don't want your folks in the plains to get worked up watching all that news on TV). Just for the record, it did not rain the entire week I was there. Gorgeous weather coupled with amazing food and company- you have your dream vacation. Also, this place is a paradise for shoppers.

I found this on my way to a place called The Chocolate Log. You see, they just made HRC much more cool. 

Beautiful, beautiful place!


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A detailed travel post coming up next. I am just coping with chaotic house renovation and sudden snap back to reality. But I am hungover. So going back there whenever I get time. 



Kshipra said...

You went to Dharamshala- Mc.Leodganj?

This makes me so happy, I want to kiss you. I happen to belong to that place, so you can understand how nostalgic I feel.. :D

Tushar Mangl said...

Thr is something at McleodGanj that simply trances you. You just keep longing to go back. I know I do.

Shruti said...

I did not know this!! That place is beautiful which makes you even more beautiful!! High-5 bro!

Yes yes yes. I am going back there for sure. That place is magnetic

Anandit Sachdev said...

Waiting for the travelogue.. Please do it fast.
Take care.. I'm happy that you are travelling! :)

Shruti said...


Yes. Very soon. And I am happy too. Finally I am travelling. :-)