Monday, November 25, 2013


Religious people fascinate me. I am not a practicing Hindu or Sikh. I do not follow one particular set of doctrines or religious beliefs. But these people fascinate me. Sometimes I think that they're foolish of believing in something nobody has seen; in something whose existence is such a big question mark. They must be so vulnerable. Then again, I feel that these people are strong maybe. They choose to believe in God or some Supreme Power, and have this trust factor with something so invisible. They give "feelings" and "sentiments" such superior value. They must be so sure of themselves for believing and sometimes even crediting God for the good that's happened to them.

I do not understand deep rooted religious feelings and beliefs. I refrain from using religious comments or point of view. And I do not know what triggered this thought process.

Anyway, new things are happening in life. The year is coming to an end. And its my best friend's birthday today. =)


Now Playing: Tanha | Sanjeev T ft Ujjayinee Roy

You know I listened to Sanjeev Thomas LIVE and I hated him so much. He was probably drunk and took up so much stage time. The Sabri Brothers had to cut down on their performance and Papon performed just one song. So yes, my hatred for him was very justified. But I stumbled upon MTV during one of their moments of bliss when they actually air music. And this song was playing. I don't know if I like the song because of the woman's voice or because of his. Nonetheless, happy to know that there's more to him than being patronizing to Literature enthusiasts. =)

In a very content mood. 

Later. -x-


Kshipra said...

Sometimes I feel; how convenient it must be to put faith into something else to take care of you. When it is so difficult to put faith even in yourself.

Happy Birthday to your friend.

rjs said...

Kshipra, you appear to have removed your blog just as i was attempting to comment on your latest post...i dont blame you, you'd risen far above your typical reader...but should you decide to write again for public viewing, please let me know...that girl you once loved had become one of my favorite writers, too...