Sunday, December 8, 2013

Born Ready!

I do not have much to talk about or say anything. What I do have is a very particular set of songs which make me a very productive employee at my workplace. (Cutting the Taken crap)

I was never a big fan of electronic music and then this amazing man introduced me to Pretty Lights, then I explored more artists from his label. This isn't new, you know. But I am in love with Gramatik. Listen to him and be a rockstar at work. Or otherwise also. You can always be a rockstar! Go change the world and dance at the after-party!

Born Ready | Gramatik


I am usually happy person. I like to spread laughter. Then again, who doesn't? =)
Happy rest of December. And yes. I work now. =D
Its kind of cool. My workplace has a big ass library. Go figure! 

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