Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I wish language never changed, and meanings were not subjective. I wish there were only black or white, and the gray never existed (not even the possibility of it being made from the two colours). And I wish I could be strong enough to let go. 

If only there was a way of not wishing so much. And if only there were enough words to explain the infinite simplicity in all finite complexity. 

This picture. Because we all need to live our dream once. And also for the love of floating lanterns
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And now I am going to come back to write again only when I am motivated enough, which might not happen for some time. Lets spend some time trying to figure out how Change works. 



Kshipra said...

I had read your previous post which no longer is there. I had wanted to comment on how it made me feel.
I am at this point, where I have to decide on a lot of things. Also I don't know how exactly, but each love story, despite all the patches is destined. Atleast I hope it is.
And by each passing day we get better.

Also this post remind me of a quote:
"In every chaos of the cosmos, we find a secret order"- Carl Jung

tell me if I have not quoted you that.

Hahaha...My only dream is: Fall in LOVE, be lucky that he falls in love too, realize the meaning of the ONE; fall in love beautifully and never let it go.

STUPID, but I know, a girl wants what she wants. :)

Tangled is such a brilliant movie, one of the few reasons why I love childhood fairytales. :) It makes you believe in happy endings.

Shruti said...

I understand that you know. It's really beautiful to be loved back by someone you love so much. And that doesn't happen always :)