Monday, May 20, 2013


What were we a while ago?
Silly kids with magic wands in one hand,
And the dreams of what now seem the yesteryear,
In the other!
What were You a while ago?
You were a whiff of the smoke
Which touched my lips for the first time-
Promising to remain in the stains,
Never solid enough to contain.
What was I a while ago?
I really don't remember.


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You know what. I Love You. :-)

P.S: The picture is a quote from Bukowski. 


rjs said...

thanks for that, shruti...

Arc man said...

like the picture.

Kshipra said...

Hahah, I am still a kid with a magic wand! :)

Shruti said...

Kshipra. So am I you know. :)

rjs said...

here's something you wont find in your library: a copy of the little magazine buk edited before he became famous: Gonzo Library of the Indy Outlaw: Charles Bukowski 'Laugh Literary And Man The Humping Guns #2 a few more issues are linked on the side; needless to say, print copies of these are no longer available..