Tuesday, December 20, 2011

She was The Jade

She. We were the world. Things were set straight soon. It was the only life I had. She. The only words I ever knew made her their Sun. She. The only bliss I had experienced was her touch. It soon fell under the spell of repulsion and withdrawal. She. The only eyes I saw while waking up were black. They soon turned black. She. Lost in her own soberness, she did away with my madness. I. It was all inside here...right here! The madness. The uncontrollable fire. I gave rise to the phoenix she was so proud of! I. She knocked me down with her smile earlier. I. She knocked me down with her smile now too. Only the connotations changed. She. The only hidden closet she had was the one with her hatred. That out, now I cannot exactly determine what she has kept in the hidden closet now- my name or the whole part where she said she loved me. I. It is not darkness I am going through. It is not even the enlightening moment. It is the only time I am talking about 'I'.

She. The only things which made her close to me were down in the dumps. Well, those included the way I looked at her. She. Today, she wants me to look at her differently, for she has always been right. I. Lets not talk about the million dollar question of what's right and what's wrong. Lets not get into the tiff of breaking the myths and bubbles of her little world. I. God only knows how many times she has peeled the skin off the cuticle of my nail. Oh well! I know that too. Approximately a hundred eighty five times. It did hurt.

She. There was one thing which opened her eyes. Well, the doctors asked her to wake up. No, I am not trying to be funny. Trust me, that is exactly what happened. The doctors did the miracle, as always. I. The memories are secondary thoughts at the moment. I want only one thing. She. Not. I.

I. Tables have turned, love. Promises were never broken. The only difference was that you were never the unattainable. You came too easy. Left more easily. She. Not. This day, she commands me to let her beg of me. Well, I have one thing to say to her. I. I sang for you. I brought rain for you, erased the clouds from the sky, even almost touched the bottom of the bottle. She. You were the sigh I took when I broke my first guitar string. I had tightened it too much. I. Well, lets rewind it. She. We were the world. Things were set straight soon. And honestly, I have some rum to finish. She. Not. I.

courtesy: deviantArt
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