Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rain Talks

The day the sun rises from the West will be the day we shall turn our backs to each other.

We were what they called the "unbreakables". It was We.

Listen to the rain, love. What does it say?

It doesn't call your name, neither mine. It tells me that we mistook the winter dew to be the monsoon. It tells me that Spring will be here soon, and that we shall our time, again.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful expression !
And yes, nature in every form always has something, somewhere to convey !
Agreed on this :)

Shruti said...


I agree completely. Nature's ways our just unexplainable.

Thanks for the appreciation :-)

WarmSunshine said...

I love the underlying meanings... the play of words into something deeper <3


Shruti said...

Thank you Di :)

Ausdrucklos said...

it's layered, like usual.
An art i really admire. An art i also try to incorporate. An art which comes naturally to u. nicely written.

Although i might sound preachy and shit but everything in this world dies.remember this. and things shall get a lil easier.

Mirage said...

Things can be deceptive. Or sometimes, we decipher them wrongly.

Good one!

And by the way, you should read the last post of 2011 on my blog. Something awaits you, miss. :)

Shruti said...

Thanks for appreciating, buddy :-)

And you're right. Everything dies. Its like so in your face. Things shall be easier. A lot easier!

Shruti said...

Its all like a mirror. You know its your reflection but it actually inverted.

And thanks for liking what I write. :-)

I'm glad to be among your favorites :)