Monday, December 12, 2011

Colourblindness. Untruth. Illusion.

Its the colour of your eyes.

No, its the colour of the rocks.

Its the one which mixes well with white.

All colours mix well with white.

Oh then it is that colour..

Which one?

The one I believe it is...

Which is???...

Its the colour of the dreams we have.

Dreams are vivid. They cannot be contained in one colour.

Oh well, then its the colour of th sky when it rains.




Tell me?!

Are you sure?




You're colour blind.
Its amber. Not brown.
You escape what is real.
You cannot believe in anything.
You do not live.
You remain an illusion;
A speck of sawdust,
But still a part of me,
Of my being.

I like this song. Also, I am terribly hurt. More, later. Do watch it. Its called "I Believe"


Cяystal said...

Too much love for you <3
And I am all out of words. We live in illusions. And don't realize. weird bliss. :/

Aakriti said...

Ah!! visiting ur blog for the first time..though i just sneek peeked earlier..Hi DU girl...;) Me a grad from here too...anyway...have heard this's a great one!!
love the way this show is bringing together great singers form differnt walks of life

Happy December!

Shruti said...

Too much love for you too darl <3
And you got it right. We don't realize it. Weird we are! :|

Shruti said...

Hi! Thank for visiting. We have the DU connect ;)

Oh I absolutely love the Dewarists. And well, this song was a little token of love from a friend :)

I shall visit you too, very soon! :)

Ausdrucklos said...

The dialogue.
Created in an epiphany.
What is it that bothers u?
Which is reflected here.
in subtle lines. I can sense frustration. and miscommunication.between the two.

But then again i think bful works of art are made when the mind is grey-er than the winter night. don't fret. its a phase.and it'll pass.write. ur angst and ur helplessness or whatever that is.and you'll feel better.