Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello, Goodbye!

I began writing blogs because they gave me a medium of expression. It was a very important part of my growing up. Now, however, I do not feel so close to it. It is sad, really! But it has been great...reading so many amazing talents, making friends, learning and evolving along the way.

Sharing music, and other stuff.. all of it has been very well! And now, neither do I have the time nor do I feel the urge to take out time to write. I am trying to do things differently this year- starting with closing this chapter.

2013 wasn't a very good year. Then again, that's nothing new! =)
Days are never the same. You win some, you lose some. Shit happens and you move on. What I am terribly missing these days is the series of heart-to-heart conversations with my best friend. I am not an ambitious writer. I'm not among those who wish to get their works published...for what its worth, I don't even like sharing my work anymore.

So that's it I guess. Ending the blog with its 97th post.

Lets hope 2014 brings some moments of clarity.


Nothing Left to Say | Staind

I am going to spend this year trying to find a path. I will paint my room red, and I will get another tattoo to mark the quest for a path. And I hope those of us who haven't been able to, will be able to. 

Lots of love. 

Shruti S.



Kshipra said...

This isn't the end of a chapter. Don't close it off yet. This is the time for preservance, thinking and character building.

Don't go away.

rjs said...

damn, Shruti, write me, anytime, ok?

Shruti said...

You guys... I won't delete my blog. Its too important to me. And hopefully I will come back... as a better person with new stories :)

For now, its just hanging there. But can't thank you enough for always being there.
Much love <3

Anandit Sachdev said...

Fly away little birdy! Take care. Keep in touch. Email, Facebook etc.. anything will do. :)

CRD said...


CRD said...

Dammit. I meant :(

hasan rizvi said...

I mean! Boldness Galore.

Your article on
was awesome ;)

rjs said...

i was also very impressed by your work at youth kiawaaz, Shruti, especially your piece on teaching...maybe you'd want to look into this:
Why is Calorie Intake Falling if Incomes are Rising in India?