Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stand Back

Back in 2009, there began a journey to a probable destination. I was sure of how it will end. Perhaps the most sure I have ever been. That time was a moment of clarity. Things were either good or bad. Then, as the journey progressed, the destinations changed, I changed. And today, after almost a year or so, I am writing about something I had promised that I won't.

In these four years so many things were left behind and that journey itself has become a limbo. It's become the only thing I am unsure of...unsure of its meaning, its tangents, and its form. While its been a beautiful journey, it has turned into something perhaps I will never be able to resolve. Maybe the point is to keep it tangled  up in itself.

I guess they just see through you. And you're so busy being harsh on yourself that you give them the benefit of doubt. Maybe the point is to slow down and stop yourself from withering. Because its only fear which stands between you and them.


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rjs said...

i'll give you my jar of Nutella, Shruti, if you think that will help...