Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grey Winter

I always fall back to my music in times of dejection, silence and disappointment. I curl up inside my cocoon and refuse to come out until all my playlists are exhausted. And then I emerge as your quintessential 22 year old female.

So what do you do when your disappointments seem to outrun your playlists and your general good opinion of the close ones begins to crumble?

I am not a particular fan of December, however much I might try every year to be one. This month is dark and hurtful. You're alone in your bed, thinking of all the great winters that you could have had, would have had.


Winter | Daughter

Oh, winter comes
Oh, winter crush all of the things that I once loved. 


rjs said...

we have to get you a wintertime gig in Australia, Shruti...then at least all your Decembers would be like June...

Shruti said...

^^Hahaha! That would be AWESOME! =D

Let me save up for a kickass wintertime gig in Australia :D

rjs said...

you'll want to do Sydney, Shruti; it's a world class city, & you'd certainly feel right at home there...better than winter near Dehli, that's for sure...