Friday, September 20, 2013

They Lied About The Cookies

Kids ask their parents about growing up. Then the parents tell them that they should enjoy the childhood while it lasts. I wasn't different. I pestered my mother with "adulthood" questions throughout junior school. She kept the consistency in her answers.

I asked my  brother how it felt like being an adult, taking responsibility in a foreign land, all by yourself? He said that it had its perks but he was struggling. And his friends were struggling. And everybody he knew was struggling. That didn't match well with my idealized version of growing up.

I am 22. I spend hours in front of the laptop, studying, taking tests, and trying to find as many interesting courses to study as I can. And every night, just before going to sleep, I think of the question I asked all my cousins. How is it like being an adult and taking your own decisions?

Adulthood is so overrated.

Being a grown-up sucks. I miss the days when the only worry I had was to gulp down a big scoop of ice-cream, and the only thing I feared was Dad's supposed death-stare if I was up past bedtime.

Precisely depicts my state of mind.

NP: Time | Pink Floyd


The dark side was not as sweet as they promised! How would we get through life if there were no Pink Floyd. Sigh!


Ridx said...

No matter how tough life gets, you should always give yourself some time to enjoy things that matter to you. In this way, you won't be exhausted by the monotony of the adulthood. :)

Tushar Mangl said...

The secret is to never grow up

Shruti said...

True. Thank you :)

Well, I'm trying to maintain that secret :)