Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Someone longs for a miracle. She wants her father to tell her that he never gave up on himself, his life and most of all, his hope. She wants to know if her father ever had the most helpless in his helpless that he wanted to leave everything ( even his wife ) and run away...far away from everything and everyone. She wants to know how her father coped up with it. She wants to every minute detail of how her father lost all faith when he felt defeated...and then how did he revive? Or did he not revive at all? Or was he so disappointed that he gave up everything? She wants to know if he did, then will he give up on her too? Will he think twice before she is born or will he just pass? Will he be scared or disappointed? Will he be weak or strong to raise her? Or will he just never answer these questions? Or will he hold her in her arms and say, "I never gave up on anything, my child."?

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phatichar said...

You sure have a lot goin' on in that head 'n heart of yours..

take care. :)

Shruti said...

Oh yes! :-)