Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Green Room's Chronicles.

Whatever happened to the creative ghost in me! Right now, I'm living on Jibanananda Das' creativity. What a poet! I've fallen in love with "Windy Night". Anyway, the crux is that my university papers are here. So studying of late. And yes....watching some really lame movies in between. Watched "Its a Boy Girl Thing". I mean, what was it. Friggin' lame! But I watched "Lajja" too. One word: Powerful.

And...also listening to this song which I used to hang on to while watching One Tree Hill... Its by Bethany Joy Galeotti. HALO. You wouldn't know who she is if you haven't seen OTH. She was Haley in it. And and and.... seen Dexter yet!?
Another HOT series. I'm absolutely hooked on to it.
Also, I have been clicking pictures of me. Come on! I am a friggin' girl. :P

More, Later.
And that is my favorite neck piece. Some nine stones something. 


Sushant said...

And I would like to know more about Poet Jibanananda Das's literature, is there any specific source on net that you are going through..??

Now back to the post, you seem to be a busy girl :)..once me, my friends..we all had all of these and now all has changed for all of us :)..but good to read this one and recall some of those wonderful days :)..!!

Shruti said...

Hey Sushant.
I study J. Das' poetry. I'm doing Literature Major, so in my first year I get to study awesome modern and post modern poetry. Exams nearing no, so studying :D

And yes...this time shall be missed by me too.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sushant said...

"Literature Major"..did I know this..??..I wonder, No and if I missed reading something mentioning it then I am really sorry, but have to say that's seriously Awesome..wishing you all the luck, I hope there is a great writer in making :)..!!