Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Despicable.

Its a myth.
A corrosion
To the inner walls
Of Your very being.
Its a path.
Spiraling down to hearth
And never missing a chance
Of deluding You in the morbidness.
And then,
You realise...
There never was the storm.

It was always just the myth...
It was always...
The Silence. 

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Cяystal said...

The despicable are often the loved.. anyway, it is a beautiful post.

Ausdrucklos said...

And in this silence,
we will be lost
for a million years and more
just to be born again.

don't you see?
It's a never ending loop.
and we are destined to flow
for a long a time
before getting flushed out.

Beautifully written.It has triggered a lot of thoughts in my mind.

Shruti said...

thanks, hon :-)

Shruti said...

Firstly, that is a really interesting display name.

Second, thanks for reading my stuff, and appreciating it too :-)

Shruti said...

Also, those are beautiful lines. Thanks for sharing them :-)

Ausdrucklos said...

That name, it's German for emotionless. Although im pretty sure i missed an 's' somewhere (no pun intended!) :P

Rahul said...

went over my head..this...:-P